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Screen Recorder

Screen Recorder v10.1.1.63 APK + MOD (Premium Unlocked)

Category:Video Players & Editors Apps OS:Android

Size:93.4 MB Latest update:Jan 23, 2024


About Screen Recorder

Most people have had a killer moment while playing a game, which is very proud of and well worth recording and saving, Screen Recorder can support the user to record the screen uninterruptedly or take a screenshot with one click in the game, perfectly recording the user's achievements.

What is Screen Recorder

Screen Recorder is a very useful recording program that helps users save a lot of time and effort. It also supports real-time recording of video and sound, with two modes to choose from: silent and audible, and one-click screenshot to capture the perfect moment while recording. 

After the recording is done, users can also edit it twice through multiple editing tools to mark, crop or mirror flip, and so on. All in all, Screen Recorder is very powerful and users can explore other features to their heart's content.

Features of Screen Recorder:

Practical screen recorder app

Users can record the screen in real time. Not only live gaming, but even video calls and work meetings can be recorded on the user's own device through the front-facing camera, in short, everything shown on the screen will be converted to video to be retained in the app。

Protect original picture quality

The quality of the screen during recording is the same as that of the saved video. Users don't need to worry about the picture quality, Screen Recorder app will not damage the original picture quality when recording, every perfect moment of your live gameplay will be clearly captured by us.

Two modes to choose

There are two modes to choose from, the first one is a predefined angle shooting mode, the second one is a full-screen capture mode, users can choose according to their own needs.


Record sound in real time

As a matter of fact, users can take either silent recording or sound recordings. Silent recording means that during the process of recording the video, all the sounds in the video will not be recorded, and the saved video is only the picture. Sound recording means that all the sounds in the video will be recorded, but it's worth noting that the app doesn't record outside noises, so users don't need to worry about noises interfering with the recording process.

Easy to edit video

Screen Recorder app doesn't only have the function of recording video, at the same time, users can also edit the video to achieve the perfect recording effect. After recording, users can check the toolbar, there are a lot of editing tools available, such as text input, crop video, filters, mirror flip, repeat video, etc., which is very practical, users can use these tools to realize their creative goals!

One-click screenshot

Users can also take screenshots during gameplay. The screenshot function is very simple, just click on the screenshot icon, you can take a screenshot with one click, without spending a lot of time and effort, users can choose to keep the screenshot to the album, or choose to share the screenshot to the major social networking sites after the screenshot!

Share on all social media platforms

Whether it's a video or a picture, users can easily share it to all the major social platforms, such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Tiktok and so on. We believe that all these will attract people's attention and love!

Convenient floating window

In Screen Recorder, you can realize the purpose of easy screen recording, the recording process, there will be a hover window to prompt the recording time and show the toolbar, very convenient and practical, the user only needs to select the hover window on the video button or screenshot button on it, these toolbars will not block the screen or your line of sight, if necessary, it will automatically hide!

Key Competitive Advantages

Screen Recorder has an advantage over other applications for the following reasons:

Screen Recorder's interface is more concise, the operation is more simple, and its capacity is small, accounting for the phone's memory is not large, completely avoiding the situation of insufficient memory on the phone.

→It can record without interruption, the recording process is very simple, and the hover window is more conducive to the user's operation.

→It includes a large number of tools that allow you to add text or apply filters and crop the video according to your needs.

Download the Latest Version of Screen Recorder

At present time, Screen Recorder has been upgraded to the latest version, in order for users to record screen, Screen Recorder also regularly updates its version and fixes bugs so that users can have the best app experience, please download Screen Recorder app now!


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