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Komoot v2023.2.1 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Category:Health & Fitness Apps OS:Android

Size:118 MB Latest update:Jan 23, 2024


About Komoot

Outdoor cycling has been a very popular activity in recent years, people are happy to get in touch with nature and get away from the stress of the city, however getting lost in the mountains is not a good thing, and the Komoot app has been developed as a result, focusing on designing different adventures for the user!

What is Komoot

Komoot is a precise and practical route planning app. Very similar to Google Maps, users can choose their favorite activities and destinations they want to go to, Komoot will design a perfect road map, during the use of the process, the user can also choose voice navigation, no need to pay attention to the phone all the time, when you get to the node, komoot will automatically remind the turn. 

In addition, even if there is no network, users can also download the itinerary map in advance, the phone offline can also follow the plan to go, there will be no error!

Features of Komoot:

Provide predefined routes

There are a lot of activities to choose from the outdoors, such as road riding, hiking, climbing, jogging, walking, mountain biking and more! But each activity suits a different route, and users can follow their own routes or plan their routes according to places recommended by other users; in short, they can go on their adventure exactly as they wish.

Can be used offline

In the outdoors, it is very common to have no signal in the mountains and forests, but that doesn't mean you can't use Komoot. users can make a list of places they want to go and then download a well formed road map of the destination in advance, so even if there's no internet access, users can check the roadmap at any time and won't get lost!


Visualization map

Komoot uses visual maps to make it easy for users to quickly identify directions and find destinations. By looking at the visual map, users can identify the general direction of the route, as well as mountains, parks, monorails, stores, etc., which are all red dots that other users are interested in. The map also shows road conditions, difficulty, distance, and tracks speed, progress, time spent, and more!

Voice-guided navigation

Turning on the voice navigation may also be a wonderful thing during the journey. It's hard to pay attention to your cell phone all the time during a ride, but once you turn on the voice navigation, users can free their eyes and enjoy more scenery in the mountains. The app will track your riding progress and remind you to turn or go straight when appropriate, which is believed to be an unforgettable journey!

Shared community

Komoot has also created a shared community for users to express themselves and for other users to get inspired and decide on the destination of their next adventure. When deciding on a destination, it's worth searching the community for features and information about your destination, and of course, you can leave a comment with your topic of interest to engage in a deeper conversation with other users.


Key Competitive Advantages

Komoot has an advantage over other applications for the following reasons:

→Komoot is not limited to one activity, instead, komoot supports users to ride, hike, climb, jog, walk, etc. Depending on the activity, komoot will create different routes.

→Komoot can be used offline, so users don't need to worry about network or signal problems, as long as they download the planned itinerary in advance, they can use it all the time.

→Create a shared community where users can freely communicate and talk about their experiences to prepare for their adventures.

Download the Latest Version of Komoot

How to download the latest version of Komoot? Please follow these steps:

1. Click the Download button on the page to download the latest version.

2. Once the download is complete, open the saved folder

3. Follow the prompts to enter the download process and install

4. After installation, you can open the app to use the function

Komoot is perfect for those who go on outdoor trips or adventures, always pointing in the right direction, download Komoot now!


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