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Truecaller v13.49.7 MOD+APK (Premium Unlocked)

Category:Communication Apps OS:Android 7.0+

Size:106.5 MB Latest update:Jan 11, 2024


About Truecaller

Have you ever been disturbed by the many spam calls or messages? It is believed that many people have ever encountered such an event that they feel very anxious about these endless harassing calls and messages. If you have the same anxiety, you can choose Truecaller. It can help you stand clear of those spam calls and messages.

What is Truecaller?

Truecaller is an application that can help you detect and block spam or unknown calls and messages. It can detect the caller ID, so you can know their identity information in advance and decide whether to answer or reject them. You can also choose to block unknown spam callers or messengers, so they cannot disturb you anymore. In addition, it supports reverse number lookup. You can know the name of the caller by using this function. So, you will no longer guess whether you are calling the right person. With the help of Truecaller, you will be protected from those annoying spam calls, robocalls, and many others. Waiting for what? Come and use Truecaller!


Features of Truecaller

1. Identify and Block Unknown Callers

It is believed that many people have ever been bothered by those spam calls, robocalls, fraudsters' calls, and so on. But now, you don’t have to worry about this problem anymore because Truecaller can help you identify these unknown calls and block them according to your consideration. With this useful and powerful function, the concern of similar problems will no longer occur in the future.

2. Real-time Updated Caller ID

There is a very powerful and useful function in Truecaller: the caller ID function. This function allows you to identify unknown numbers. It is a very useful feature for users. After identifying the unknown numbers, you can decide whether to answer it or not. It can help you save time in guessing the identity of unknown numbers. In addition, the caller ID is updated in real time by millions of users across the world. So, you can know the latest list of caller IDs.

3. Know the Name of Unknown Number

In addition to that, the most powerful function offered by Truecaller is the reverse number lookup. The reason why many people fear or don’t willing to answer the unknown numbers is that they don’t know the real identity of these unknown numbrs. With this useful function, people no longer worry about this problem. They can know the names of these unknown numbers and decide whether to pick them up or not. 


4. Customize Your Contacts

In addition to those powerful functions, Truecaller also supports you in customizing your contacts. For example, you can add a name, phone number, profile, and more to the personal interface of your contacts. After setting, you can see different incoming interfaces from your contacts. You can also set exclusive ringtones for your contacts. The customizing function is very interesting.

5. Manage Your Messages

In addition to functions related to calls, Truecaller also allows users to manage their messages. For example, Truecaller can also indentify messages from scammers, robosters, telemarketers, fraudsters, and others. So you can choose to receive or reject them. What’s more, you can also classify them into different types, such as ordinary or spam.

6. Simple Interface

Truecaller also has a very simple interface. The designers believe that the simplest is the best, so they aim to offer an easy-to-use and intuitive interface for users. The interface is very simple, beautiful, and user-friendly, so you can master the operating process very soon.


Why is Truecaller a Good App?

Truecaller can help users detect unknown calls and messages, and users can choose to receive or block them. The reverse number lookup function allows users to know the name of unknown callers, so they can know their identity information in advance. In addition, it also supports customizing their contacts. With so many useful and powerful functions, why not choose Truecaller?

Download the Latest Version of Truecaller

If you have ever been bothered by those unknown calls and messages and want to get rid of them, download it immediately!


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