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ELSA Speak

ELSA Speak v7.3.2 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Category:Education Apps OS:Android

Size:31.2 MB Latest update:Jan 17, 2024


About ELSA Speak

Nowadays, the world is becoming more and more globalizing. People have to master multiple languages to connect with foreigners, English is one of the hottest languages. Then, how to study English to speak like an authentic American speaker? The ELSA Speak will help you to find the answer. 


What is ELSA Speak

ELSA Speak is an application that helps users improve their English skills by using artificial intelligence technology to recognize the user's intonation, accent, fluency, pronunciation, etc. It analyzes the user's English level and then suggests interesting topics to practice according to the user's level. Users can greatly improve their English levels, so that they can really talk like an American!

Features of ELSA Speak:

Help to improve English skills

ELSA Speaker recognizes the user's voice through AI technology, analyzes the user's pronunciation problems, and corrects the user's deficiencies. 

ELSA Speaker has more than 1,600 professional teaching lessons for users to watch, which cover 40 completely different topics, from a day on vacation to a job interview, all of them are common enough to be used in daily life. After practicing, users will be able to improve their English and speak with a natural accent like a native speaker!

Reasonable plan for users

After downloading the ELSA Speaker software, you will first have to log in, please note that we do not disclose your private and secure information, and then we will prepare a few questions for you to test your English level. These questions include the purpose of learning English, the level of English you want to achieve, your current level of English, and so on. Through these questions, we will accurately assess your level and goals, and then we will make a reasonable plan for you, recommending courses on topics of interest to you, and you just need to follow the plan.

Practice words and phrases

Although ELSA Speak focuses on improving the speaking skills of our users, we do, in fact, make sure that you learn words and phrases as well - after all, conversations run more smoothly when you are familiar with the words. We're happy to provide you with words and phrases about traveling that are so authentic that you can use them in your conversations, and we'll show you explanations and examples of how to use the word to make it easier for you to learn.

Detailed instructional videos

Are very curious about what these teaching courses include? First of all, it includes professional pronunciation tutorials, you will see the teacher's pronunciation style and pronunciation key in the video, these videos are mainly in a slow speed, so that users can more clearly observe how their mouths pronounce the words, and secondly, it also includes some daily conversation courses, which simulate the real-life business conversation, more realistic, and easy for users to quickly master!


Support a one-week free trial

Although our app is not completely free, users can try it for free for a week before deciding whether they need to buy it. Compared with other software, our app is more targeted, one-on-one dialogue, I believe that everyone will have different gains, in addition, the user after practicing the content of the day, we will send a review summary to facilitate the user to review what they have learned today, deepen their memory and consolidate the basic knowledge.

Download the Latest Version of ELSA Speak

ELSA Speak is a practical software that can really improve your English, it is suitable for people of all ages, different programs are designated according to different levels of English, and it is really a one-to-one teaching guide, moreover, ELSA Speak involves topics that are very practical, whether it is traveling abroad or interviewing for a foreign company, you will be able to benefit from it, so download ELSA Speak now, and you'll quickly master a new language!


Qs: I am a beginner in English study, Is this app also suitable for me?

Ans: As a matter of fact, we will set several entrance questions for you to test your English level, and next, you will be recommended to a reasonable plan that we made for you. ELSA Speak will develop different courses according to different English levels.


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