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GoodNovel V2.7.2.1182 MOD+APK (Unlimited coins, Free coins)

Category:Books & Reference Apps OS:Android 4.4+

Size:29.6 MB Latest update:Jan 15, 2024


About GoodNovel

Are you a book enthusast? Do you like reading books? Have you ever been distressed that you cannot find enough and suitable books for you to read, and also can’t take them wherever you go? Many people like reading, but they often encounter problems mentioned above. However, don’t worry! There is an application that can let you read any book at any time and anywhere without many limitations. That is GoodNovel.

What is GoodNovel?

GoodNovel is an online reading application where you can find and read various books for free. There are diverse book genres, such as adventure, romance, action, horror, and many more. Whatever your favorite types are, you can find them in this app. Many people have always been distressed that they don’t have a convenient place to read and store their books. However, GoodNovel is a very good and virtual library where you can read and store your favorite books. Have you ever dreamed of becoming a writer? It is no longer just a dream. You can write and upload your novels onto this application. In addition, there are many other features.


Features of GoodNovel

1. A Virtual Library

Have you ever dreamed of you want to have a your own library? A library with various genres and a large amount of books. But the fact is that most people cannot realize this dream because they must have enough money and space to buy and store their books. But now, you don’t need to worry about it. Even if you are not a rich person, you can still read books from all over the world and the only thing you need to do is download the GoodNovel app. In addition, the virtual library is even better than the real library because you can search for books with just one touch rather than spending much time looking for books in the library. Furthermore, the virtual books in the application can also be stored forever as long as this application still operates. On the contrary, the books in the real library are very easy to corrode and require much time and money to prevent insect damage, mildew, and moisture, etc. 

2. Diverse Genres of Books

Some people like specific categories of novels, such as romance, sci-fi, and adventure. Others like horror, action, and war, etc. Different people have different tastes, but you can always find the novels you like. Because there are various categories of novels in the application, it basically contains all the common genres. So, whatever your favorite novels belong to which type, you can search and find novels suitable for you. In addition, it is also a very good way to find novels you are interested in. It is a more efficient way of finding an excellent book than searching randomly without any purpose.


3. Personalized Reading Modes

A good reading environment is also a very big factor affecting people’s reading mood. So, in order to offer a good reading experience for users, the developer also designs various reading modes available for users to choose. There are themes of black and white, the size, color, and background of text can also be altered. . You can choose and set your favorite ones according to your tastes and considerations. You can have a wonderful reading experience with the help of GoodNovel.

4. Update Books Frequently

In addition to diverse books, including novels, textbooks, and social science, etc. GoodNovel will also upload new books onto the application frequently. So, you don’t need to worry about the books on the application becoming out of date. You can find and read the most popular and highly-rated books recently on the application. With this app, you won’t need to worry about not being able to find interesting books to read. This function can help you save a large amount of time in searching for a book you are interested in.


Why is GoodNovel a Good App?

GoodNovel is a virtual library of books where you can find and read your favorite books for free at any time, anywhere. It can be said that you will have a portable virtual library. The books in the application are also updated frequently. In addition, you can adjust the size and color of text as well as the themes of the reading interface. This allows you to customize your own reading modes. With so many features, why not choose it?

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