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Music Player

Music Player v1.02.32.1227 MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

Category:Music & Audio Apps OS:Android

Size:28.4 MB Latest update:Jan 16, 2024


About Music Player

Nowadays, it is a world of technology globalization, and most people have long given up the old mode of listening to physical albums and play music on electronic devices instead, which makes it possible to listen to music anytime and anywhere. There are many music player apps on the market to choose from, but Music Player app is unique in that it has powerful features and a beautiful interface, making it a great choice for users.

What is Music Player

Music Player is a professional music listening app specially made for music enthusiasts, it has 10M+ downloads and gained a lot of users' favor, I believe you can't help but praise it after downloading. 

First of all, you can listen to your favorite music online or offline, and you can choose from a variety of listening methods, such as single song loop, list loop, random play and so on. Secondly, the app will recommend a list of songs to the users every day, and users can also collect their favorite music to create a list of songs, and lastly, you are able to set up your own player to adjust the equalizer or the effect of fading in and fading out.


Features of Music Player:

Listen to music offline

In order to save cell phone traffic or turn on the power saving mode, Music Player supports users to listen to music offline. Please note that users can listen to their favorite music without internet access, provided that it has been downloaded or loaded in advance. Users can not only listen to the music, but also check the information of the song, including the artist, the title, the lyrics, the album and so on.

Different playback methods

Do you like a song so much that you want to keep looping it until you get tired of it? Or maybe you don't like to play list music in order and prefer to play it randomly? It's worth mentioning that we have four play modes to meet all your needs. These four modes are Single Song Loop, Sequential Play, Random Play, List Loop, etc. You can choose any of them to start a great music world.

Creat own playlists

Although the app will recommend great songs on a daily basis, what's more fun than creating an exclusive, one-of-a-kind song list? Good news, users can collect all their favorite music into an exclusive song list with a simple tap, and of course, you can choose to remove a song from your favorite song list and then share the list with friends or family.


Music widget design

In addition to the above mentioned features, Music Player also has a small design of creating widgets on the home screen. Users can create a widget which will show you the name of the song you are currently listening to and the artist, as well as some play buttons, so you don't need to open the app, you just need to press the play button, and you can immediately enjoy the wonderful world of music.

Daily recommended song list

Music Player App pushes new song lists to users every day, if you are bored with the music you have been listening to lately, why don't you open the song lists and turn on the playback to try it out, and maybe you will come across new music inspirations. These lists don't only have one style, they include love, rock, soft, k-pop, j-pop and more, it's just a great feast for your eyes.

Customized themes

Regarding the theme design of the app, the user can choose a customized mode or can choose from the themes given by the system. The system has themes including more than 20 kinds, with light colors and dark colors, and users can also adjust it to night mode. The customization mode means that users can upload their favorite images to create an exclusive music app.

Download the Latest Version of Music Player

Music Player is a useful and free application that is perfect for people who are passionate about enjoying the world of music. In Music Player you can not only create your own music playlists, but you can also choose different modes of playback, listen to music offline and create a unique music universe, so download Music Player now!


Qs: Can I upload music files from other sources?

Ans: Glad to answer, the answer is YES, you can upload local music files. For example, you can convert a video from YouTube to Mp3 format and then upload it to our app.


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