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Telegram v10.5.1 MOD APK (Permium Unlocked)

Category:Communication Apps OS:Android

Size:148.7 MB Latest update:Jan 08, 2024


About Telegram

What is Telegram?

Telegram is a communication app to help users keep in touch with friends or family, and it also makes teamwork better and more convenient in work.


Main Features:

• Fast messaging speed - sent or receive messages quickly with the distributed network of data centers worldwide.

• Multiple devices accessibility - receive messages simultaneously on multiple devices, such as phones, computers, and more. Even type on one device and send the message on another.

• Unlimited sharing - share videos and files without limitation.

• Saving disk space - message data and chat history are securely stored in the Telegram cloud to save disk space of users' device.

• Security - multiple forms of encryption to protect users' massage security.

• Group chat - teamwork is more convenient with the group chat of 200000 members maximum and files sharing supports 2 GB maximum each time.

• Fun messaging tools - a lot of tools to help users edit photos and videos, and many emojis, customizable themes to make massaging experience better.

• Privacy - no third parties are able to access your data and deleting messages without a trace is allowed for both sides of users.


 Download the latest version of Telegram!

With version 10.5.1,  you can create a group with larger number, this is the updated feature that users are most interested in in today’s messaging applications, and Telegram is the best support application in that regard. As a result, the exchange of information will also take place faster and users will be easier in their work. well now,  download the latest version of Telegram and enjoy something new!


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