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Open Camera

Open Camera v1.52 MOD APK (Unlocked)

Category:Photography Apps OS:Android

Size:4.67 MB Latest update:Jan 18, 2024


About Open Camera

Traveling is a hobby that can especially relieve the stress of life, everyone likes to leave the place where they live all the time and go to another city with beautiful scenery, how can we not take pictures to make beautiful memories during the trip? Compared with other software, Open Camera is more professional, takes more high-definition photos, and helps users capture the most beautiful moment!

What is Open Camera

Open Camera is a professional digital camera app that helps users take their photos up a notch and produce excellent HD photos even if they are not professional photographers. With powerful features such as auto light balance, slow motion, professional grid mode, countdown mode, color enhancement, smart image tagging, and more, users can use their own clever compositional thinking and the features mentioned above to take a photo with unlimited creativity.

Features of Open Camera:

Automatic light balancing

Open Camera's auto-balance light function is very powerful, users whether shooting photos in a thunderstorm, or in the sunny park, do not have to worry about the photo will be overexposed or dark, because Opne Camera will sense the intensity of the light, automatically adjust the brightness of the photo problem, the user can be in a variety of scenarios or under the weather to shoot colorful works.


Multiple shooting modes

Users can not only take pictures horizontally, but also vertically adjust the angle to shoot, and even zoom in on distant objects to shoot local is no problem, Open Camera not only provides longer exposure time, but also supports a variety of shooting modes, including NR, DRO, HDR, etc., through which shooting modes as much as possible, b Ao village of the contrasting details of the light and dark, so that the final shooting effect is more realistic.

Countdown or timer mode

When you are traveling with your friends for a group photo, what to do when you don't want to miss anyone in the group photo and don't want to bother passersby? Maybe Open Camera's timer and countdown mode will help you. You can choose to place your phone in a suitable position, open the app, select the countdown mode, quickly pose during the countdown time, and when the time is up, a lovely group photo will appear, the operation is very simple.

Specialized grid model

An excellent photo is definitely not as long as there are beautiful things can be, these are more test of the user's composition thinking, even if it is a desolate no man's land, the use of clever composition can also have a movie-like texture. In order to help users to better develop compositional thinking, Open Camera has introduced the grid mode, the grid mode refers to the use of auxiliary lines to divide the screen into nine squares, you can put the subject on the four junction points, so that is the classic way of composition.

Intelligent image marking

Smart image marking refers to the app inserting the date and time in the corner of the photo when the user turns on this feature. This not only preserves the good memories, but when reviewing them later, we can also clearly understand the date and the exact point in time when the photo was taken, which is helpful for us to recall more detailed things.


Simple interface layout

Open Camera is free to use, and it takes up very little memory on your phone, so you won't run out of phone memory. The layout of the interface is also very simple, with beautiful icons, users can clearly understand the meaning of each function.

Download the Latest Version of Open Camera

Open Camera supports a wide range of shooting modes, and it offers users hundreds of different filters, from black and white to modern styles. In addition, exposure lock/compensation, screen flash self-timer, HD pictures straight out and so on are also its advantages. Users can take satisfying photos even if they are not skillful in shooting, so download Open Camera now.


Open Camera