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Pixelcut v0.6.48 MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

Category:Photography Apps OS:Android 6.0+

Size:48.4 MB Latest update:Jan 23, 2024


About Pixelcut

Do you find yourself constantly spending hours trying to perfect your photos using various editing apps? If so, it's time to give Pixelcut App a try! This photo editing assistant from Circular, LLC, promises to make your photo-editing experience faster, easier, and more enjoyable than ever before. 


 Pixelcut App is an AI-integrated photo editor designed to help users quickly and easily process their photos. With its advanced features and tools, you can achieve stunning results in minutes, whether you're a professional photographer or just a casual snapper.



● AI-Powered Background Cutting

 The app specializes in removing backgrounds from any of your stored photos, allowing you to create a flawless clipping. The target images can be found in the collection or captured using the built-in camera function, demonstrating the versatility of photo import. The AI-powered feature automatically adjusts the parameters, freeing users from tedious background removal tasks. 

 The performance of the background remover can also be tailored to the user's preferences to maximize its effectiveness. It allows you to remove backgrounds from your photos in seconds, giving you more control over your images and making it easier to create stunning collages or apply different backgrounds.

● Batch Processing

 It saves time and effort by processing multiple photos at once using Pixelcut App's batch mode. Pixelcut users can now take advantage of the app's easy batch editing capabilities. Pixelcut can process up to 50 photos in a single batch, allowing you to complete your various creative tasks quickly and efficiently. You can select multiple images, apply the desired actions, and let the app handle the rest, making it perfect for enhancing large batches of photos in a short amount of time.

● Well-Designed Templates

 To make the application even more fascinating, Pixelcut users are now introduced to a wealth of amazing design templates, each of which allows them to freely tweak and change their creative creations. You can easily navigate through the many design themes and browse through the available templates, each of which allows you to activate different design styles for your Pixelcuts. All you have to do is choose a design, then upload your photos and the programme will make the adjustments automatically.

● Magic Eraser

 For those who are interested, you can now use Pixelcut's magic eraser to easily remove any objects or backgrounds from the selected photos. All you need to do is import the photos into the design interface and use your basic touch actions to highlight the parts you want to remove. Feel free to change the size parameters to create quick or precise selections in Pixelcut. Most importantly, you can just sit back and let the software do the design work from there.


Competitive Advantages

➔ Cloud Storage Integration

 Pixelcut App seamlessly integrates with cloud storage services, making it easy to import and export photos from your favorite storage platform. This feature saves you time and effort when managing your photo library and ensures that your precious memories are always safely backed up.

➔ Customizable Presets

 The app includes a range of presets that allow you to apply predesigned filters and effects to your photos with just a click. You can also create your own presets by fine-tuning the settings to match your unique taste and style. This flexibility gives you more control over your photo editing process and allows you to save time by reusing your favorite presets.

➔ Quick and Easy Exporting

 Once you're done editing your photos, Pixelcut App makes it simple to export them in a variety of formats, including JPEG, PNG, and more. You can also adjust export settings like resolution and file size to ensure your final images are exactly how you want them. This feature makes it easy to share your creations with friends and family or upload them to social media platforms.

Download Pixelcut Now!

 Pixelcut App is the ultimate photo editing assistant that offers users a powerful set of tools and features to enhance their photos quickly and easily. Pixelcut App is sure to become your go-to tool for all your photo editing needs!


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