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qooApps v8.4.8 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Category:Entertainment Apps OS:Android

Size:23.7 MB Latest update:Jan 24, 2024


About qooApps

Whether you're a fan of Japanese manga or a big fan of Japanese games, it must be agonizing to need to download a lot of software at the same time to satisfy your needs. But the good news is that qooApps combines the two, so you can watch manga and download games on qooApps at the same time, really killing two birds with one stone.

What is qooApps

qooApps is a mobile store that integrates free Japanese manga and game software, in which users can watch manga, download games, find content of interest, etc., which is similar to the operation of Steam. In addition, it has the same layout and essence as Goggle Play, compatible with both mobile and PC, however, qooApps only supports users to search for content related to Japanese comics and games, so fans of Japanese culture can download and experience it right away.

qooApps has the most up-to-date games and manga, regularly updated manga chapters and new game software, and supports searching content in English and Japanese, which is very safe and useful.

Features of qooApps:

The latest comics and games

qooApps has the most up-to-date Japanese manga and games, and regularly updates manga chapters and launches new games every day. Even if the manga and games have just been released in Japan and have not yet been publicized in foreign markets, qooApps will keep an eye on tracking the latest news and synchronize the latest progress on the app's homepage. This is the ideal kingdom for manga lovers, with a wide variety of manga, warm, funny, horror, fantasy, it's like stepping into a new world.


Supports fast search

qooApps supports searching for manga or software in two languages, one is Japanese and the other is English. Users enter the name of the work or author into the search box and all the most relevant search results will be displayed on the main screen. In addition, the searched manga will show the plot summary, author, publisher, developer and other details, as well as ratings and reviews for readers to decide whether to read or not, and if searching for a game, it will show the game trailer and game screenshots.

Secure download of apps

All content in qooApps is strictly audited by internal staff before it is put on the shelves, so users can browse the content and download game apps without worrying about malware and viruses. qooApps will choose the most efficient and safe download channel for users to use, and if there is any problem about downloading, you can contact us.

Regularly update the contents

If users follow a popular manga, they will find that qooApps will update the latest episode regularly, and each manga will show the latest update time and the number of chapters, and users can click on a chapter to directly jump to the chapter page. In addition, if there is a manga that is about to hit the shelves, qooApps will also recommend it to the user's homepage, and if the user is interested in it, he/she can click on the booking button, and the reader will be notified when the work hits the shelves.


Download the Latest Version of qooApps

qooApps is not the only software to watch comics, but it is the only one to combine watching comics and downloading games, which greatly improves the usefulness of the app and saves a lot of trouble for many users. It contains a large number of comics and games, which is a good place for users to relax and decompress, as well as a channel for users to open a new world. Download qooApps now.


Qs: How to download qooApps?

Ans: Please click the download button at the top of the screen, wait for the download progress to complete, and then open the app to start watching the manga!


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