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Scan & Translate

Scan & Translate v4.9.18 MOD APK (Premium + Lite)

Category:Education Apps OS:Android 5.0

Size:27.43 MB Latest update:Jan 25, 2024


About Scan & Translate

Scan & Translate: Your Ultimate Language Companion


       Tired of trying to understand a foreign language while traveling? Do you want an easy and convenient way to read signs, menus and documents in other languages? Don't hesitate! Meet our best Language Companion app, Scan & Translate, which will revolutionize your travel experience!



Key Features

1.Instant Translation

       The days of heavy dictionaries and unreliable translation software are over. With Scan & Translate, the translation appears immediately on the screen when you open the app and enter text with your camera. This application covers road signs, menus, paragraphs of books, etc.


2.Multiple Language Support

       Scan & Translate, in the busy streets of Tokyo, a romantic alley in Paris, and a vibrant market in Marrakesh, has support for a range of languages. Can confidently respond to any language challenge, from the general languages-ENGLISH, Spanish, FRENCH-TO the more complex ONES LIKE Chinese, Arabic, Russian.


3.Offline Mode

       Say goodbye to complaints about expensive roaming charges or not having Internet access. By using the offline mode of Scan & Translate, you can download a language pack beforehand and access translations anytime, anywhere. This is especially useful in remote locations where the network has limited reach.


4.User-friendly Interface

       We understand the importance of being easy to use. Scanning and translation require no technical skills with an intuitive interface. The program can be easily scanned, translated and navigated. Is to make your language travel a kid's play.


5.Voice Translation

       Scan & Translate offers voice translation as well as text translation. The app instantly translates what you're saying into your preferred language by simply speaking into the device's microphone. This feature is very good when you need to talk to a local person or speak a spoken language in a foreign language.



       In addition to translation, Scan & Translate has added a text-to-speech feature. This means that you can not only read the interpreter on the screen, but you can also hear them talking loudly. This is a very good tool for understanding the subtle differences between pronunciation and a particular language.


       Scan & Translate is a powerful and easy-to-use translation app, which allows users to quickly and accurately translate languages. We also respond to offline use, so you can enjoy high-quality translation services without traveling or accessing the Internet. To sum up, scanning and translation provide a translation solution useful for users to overcome the language barrier.


App Use

Step 1: Download and Install.

       First, search for "scan and translate" on your device's app store. I just installed the man-download address application. I can't believe there's such a big space in the equipment I don't want to use!


Step 2:  Grant Permissions.

       When the application is opened for the first time, it provides necessary permissions such as camera and offline mode access. These privileges make search and translation operations completely transparent.


Step 3: Scan and Translate.

       Let's test the preparation, scanning and translation! Point to the text you want to translate and launch the app. After a few seconds, a translation appears on the screen. It's similar to having a private translator in your pocket!


Step 4: Save the Translation

       If the translation is particularly useful, or if you need it for future reference, you can save it in the application. You can create a custom translation house for future reference.



Download Now!

       Language barriers should not interfere with travel. Download Scan and Translate today and open up a world of possibilities. For the world traveler, adventurer and language lover, this app is an indispensable partner. Confusion is no longer here,separated from smooth communication. It will be a pleasant trip!


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