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Doubloon Bank

Doubloon Bank v1.6 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Category:Lifestyle Apps OS:Android

Size:11.1 MB Latest update:Jan 26, 2024


About Doubloon Bank

If you're a loyal user of the popular social networking site Tiktok, then you'll know about the recent big game played by Tiktok users, with popular videos of black cats or incarnations of black cats saying "You're lucky, you got 4 doubloons" or " I'm going to take 8 doubloons away from you!" or"No way! You have so many doubloons, please trade with me!" Doubloon Bank is a application created according to the Tiktok trend to help you keep track of the total amount of doubloons you have!

What is Doubloon Bank

Doubloon Bank is a virtual banking software that helps you manage, store, and keep track of all your doubloons, equivalent to an electronic wallet. In addition, this programme also keeps track of your inventory of virtual goods that you have acquired from other users. 

In case anyone is still confused about what doubloons are, doubloon is actually a virtual currency created spontaneously by users on Tiktok to buy virtual goods or to trade with other users. Unlike other trading currencies, doubloon cannot be traded on other platforms besides Tiktok. Users can record their total amount of doubloon, or transaction records, on Doubloon Bank every day, and Doubloon Bank will faithfully show you your total amount of doubloon.

Features of Doubloon Bank:

How do you understand Doubloon?

Doubloons do not refer to the old Spanish gold coins as Wikipedia says, nor is it a DBL cryptocurrency, interestingly it only circulates on the Tiktok social platform in exchange for services or favourite goods. They are mostly issued by cats or cat avatars, and again, this is a virtual currency, you can't exchange it for anything in real life, think of it as a "game currency" driven by the cooperation of Tiktok users.


Doubloon Bank keeps track of everything

You can record the value of Doubloons you have every day, whenever you see a video of a black cat handing out doubloons, you can increase your existing doubloon quantity on Doubloon Bank, on the contrary, if you see a black cat pointing at you and saying "I'm going to rob you of 5 doubloons ", then you need to reduce your doubloon count accordingly, this is a big game, and just in case you don't get your finances right in the game, you should report to Doubloons Bank every day and keep a faithful record of it all!

Simple interface and easy use

Doubloon Bank is like a notepad that faithfully records your earnings and transactions, tracking the doubloons and items you have acquired, the database will record everything accurately and cheating is pointless as you go head to head with internet users from all over the world. The functionality is very simple and clear at a glance, there will be buttons to add and subtract, the player uses these buttons to record everything, if you make a mistake in the input, you can also click to clear the value, and if your count breaks the rules, you will be featured in a popular Tiktok video!

Please don't mind our jokes

When you enter the value of Doubloons for the first time, if it is lower than expected then the app may play a bankrupt joke on you, this is just the whim of the creative team, please do not be concerned, the world always needs to be filled with laughter. This app is very small and allows you to do Dabloons maths calculations quickly on the app!


Download the Latest Version of Doubloon Bank

If you're joining in the Tiktok frenzy, then you don't want to miss out on our quirky app, which has 10,000 downloads and is a favourite amongst many netizens, faithfully keeping track of the inventory of virtual currency you've gained, so download it now and join in on the big quirky game


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