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Pinster Advanced Downloader

Pinster Advanced Downloader v23.10.10 MOD+APK (Premium Unlocked)

Category:Productivity Apps OS:Android

Size:13.8 MB Latest update:Jan 26, 2024


About Pinster Advanced Downloader

Are you using the social network Pinterest? Have you seen any interesting images and videos on it and want to save them on your phone? Sometimes, it is not very easy to save images and videos directly from Pinterest. If you want to download them, you need to spend a lot of time. But now, you no longer need to worry about this problem. There is an application that can help you save images and videos directly from Pinterest. That is Pinster Advanced Downloader!


What is Pinster Advanced Downloader?

Pinster Advanced Downloader is an application that can help users download images and videos directly from the social network Pinterest. It has been a difficult problem for many Pinterest users in the past to save their favorite images and videos on their phones easily. But the emergence of Pinster Advanced Downloader can eliminate the problem. It is very friendly for users of Pinterest.

If you see any images or videos that you are very interested in and want to save them on your mobile device for the convenience of watching them at any time and anywhere, you can choose Pinster Advanced Downloader. This app is your best assistant for using Pinterest. You can directly download any images and videos on your phone with a very fast speed and high quality. You can appreciate them at any time, anywhere, according to your mood.

In addition, you can also change the name of those image or video files. An easy-to-remember and simple name can help you find them more easily. You can also categorize these files by name, type, downloading time, and other standards. Through classification, you can find your favorite images or videos very fast and conveniently.

There are also many other useful and interesting functions waiting for you to explore.

Features of Pinster Advanced Downloader

1. Download Images and Videos Directly

Have you ever encountered the situation where you see many beautiful and interesting images and videos that you want to save on your mobile device, but can't do it easily due to various reasons? Maybe the platform limits the right of downloading, maybe the author limits the right of downloading. So, you can't download it very easily. But now, with the help of Pinster Advanced Downloader, you can download and save your favorite images and videos very easily. Want to appreciate more beautiful images? Come and use Pinster Advanced Downloader!


2. Download Multiple Files at the Same Time

If you are interested in many images and videos and want to download them in batch, you can use Pinster Advanced Downloader. It can not only help you download images and videos directly from Pinterest, but also supports you in downloading them simultaneously. So you don't have to worry about downloading them one by one. This feature can free and save your time. You can use the saved time to do more meaningful things. Are you satisfied with this feature?

3. Classification Function

Before you download images and videos, you can change their names. You can set a name that is easy to remember and simple, so you can find them very easily on your phone after downloading. This classification feature is very useful and practical. With this function, you don't need to worry about not being able to find your files on your phone.


4. Support Multiple Languages

This application also supports multiple languages for users. Whatever language you like, you can choose to adjust the language of this app into the one you like. So, it is an application suitable for everyone all over the world who use the social network Pinterest.

5. Set as Your Wallpapers 

You can also directly download full-size images from Pinterest and set them as your wallpapers on your phone using the built-in function of this application. It is very interesting and convenient.

Download the Latest Version of Pinterest

If you are a user of the social network Pinterest, this application is catered for you! Download and try it!


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