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Mathway Premium

Mathway Premium v5.7.0 Mod APK (Unlocked)

Category:Education Apps OS:Android 4.4+

Size:41.7 MB Latest update:Jan 26, 2024


About Mathway Premium

Nowadays, students have to study many subjects, including history, math, chemistry, physics, biology and so on, among them, maths should be the subject that makes most students suffer, many students will compare the maths problems to "mental torment of human", countless maths symbols floating in the head, but can't understand the meaning of it must be really upsetting, but don't worry, Mathway Premium will be the best maths teacher for you!

What is Mathway Premium

Mathway Premium is a question and answer tool for students to solve maths problems in algebra, basic maths, calculus and other maths problems. Users just need to point the camera and take a picture of the topic or type it in the search box, and the answer and solution will appear in seconds, helping students to understand maths thoroughly.

Some users may think that they just need to turn to their talented friends or teachers for help when they encounter a math problem, but the truth is that friends are not always around and teachers may find it hard to find time to answer your questions, so turning to the Mathway Premium app is definitely the best option!

Features of Mathway Premium:

How to enter your maths puzzle

In fact, the question will be entered into the app's operation is very simple, the user only needs to search for the question will be placed on the phone horizontally, aligned with the title of the photo, make sure that the light is sufficient as well as the photo is not false shadow, and then the system will automatically analyse your question and your question and the question in the question bank for rapid comparison and matching, generally within ten seconds to come up with the answer and the analysis of the process, the app also supports the user to manually enter, but just do not have to take a picture of the convenience.


Solve a variety of mathematical problems

Mathway Premium has solved hundreds of millions of maths problems, so you can use Mathway Premium no matter what level you are at. We can solve maths problems in basic maths, pre-algebra, quadratic equations, logarithms, functions, trigonometry, calculus, constants, vectors, conic sections, statistics and more. Trigonometry, Calculus, Constant Equations, Vectors, Conic Curves, Statistics and more!

Demonstrate the solution steps in detail

Once the user enters the maths problem he wants to ask, the app will show the detailed solution within ten seconds, these steps are very detailed, each step will be listed for the user, the user can clearly know how to get the result of each calculation, and the app will be combined with graphs or curves to make the user more accurate to grasp each solution technique, maybe some teachers will omit some simple steps when explaining the problem in the classroom, but Mathway Premium won't!


No ads and safe to download

If you are tired of annoying adverts when you use the app, good news, in this version there are no adverts to interrupt you while you are studying the solutions, and there are no malware or viruses, users can feel free to download, our software will be very safe and small, it will not take up too much space on your phone!

Download the Latest Version of Mathway Premium

This smart maths problem solving app can solve almost all your maths puzzles, with its powerful problem solving features and simple operation, it has gained the love of users from all over the world who struggle with maths puzzles, with 10M+ downloads on Goggle Play, it has become a popular app in learning software, including simpler maths queries like basic maths, algebra, to more complex puzzles such as calculus, statistics, etc, Mathway Premium can solve almost all your maths puzzles, and will also provide detailed solutions. Mathway Premium solves almost all your maths problems and provides you with detailed solutions, so it's very useful, download Mathway Premium now!


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