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Blink Captions

Blink Captions v2.5.1 MOD APK (Premium, No Watermark)

Category:Video Players & Editors Apps OS:Android 8.0+

Size:100 MB Latest update:Jan 30, 2024


About Blink Captions

Nowadays, Tiktok, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms are becoming more and more popular all over the world, people are often addicted to the articles and videos in them, especially the rapid development of short videos, which gives many people the opportunity to become a video creator, it's very simple to shoot a video, but it's a little bit complicated to dub, edit and synchronize the subtitles later. Please don't worry, Blink Captions will help you edit videos efficiently!

What is Blink Captions

Blink Captions is a practical tool for editing videos developed by Blink Video AI. It can help users easily create wonderful videos, which is perfect for video bloggers, beginners in video editing, or anyone who makes videos for popular social media sites! 

Blink Captions features AI auto-generated captions and AI-driven editing scripts, these subtitles can be re-styled and re-coloured according to the users‘ perforrence, in addition, users can also use editing tools to readjust the duration of the video, add favourite stickers and effects on the video, filters. What is the most important thing is that people can finish the lines they want to say smoothly with the help of a smart teleprompter. If you want to be a good creator, then there is no doubt that Blink Captions app will be your best helper!

Features of Blink Captions:

AI auto-generated subtitle function

We believe that many people after shooting the video will feel that synchronizing the video subtitles is a very cumbersome and meaningless thing, especially based on the script with a large number of lines, it will be even more crushing, however, with the development of the times, our software introduces the AI automatic subtitle generation technology, support for a variety of file types and languages, subtitle styles can be modified according to the user's wishes, the whole process is fast and efficient, saving a lot of time for the user!


Removing cluttered backgrounds

What happens when you're a Youtuber and you talk about something about your work, but accidentally shoot your home's cluttered storage room into the video? Thankfully, Blink Captions has a background removal feature, so no matter what kind of environment you're in, Blink Captions will only keep the portrait for you, and the background will be blank, which gives creators even more interesting ideas for what to shoot.

Intelligent teleprompter for users

Saying a large number of lines in a video must be a very distressing thing to think about, and if you put your speech next to it, then it's easy for viewers to realise that you need to look at your lines in order to speak fluently, which can give a bad impression. However, with the help of a smart teleprompter, you can look into the camera and tell your story in its entirety without anyone noticing the presence of the teleprompter.

Basic editing tools

Blink Captions provides users with cutting, flipping, mirroring, filtering, etc. When you need to remove a part of the video, you can use the "scissors" tool to delete it easily, and the filter function will make your video clearer and more colourful. The filter function will make your video clearer and more colourful. In addition to the above tools, noise reduction is also one of the app's main advantages, as the app automatically suppresses the noise of the surrounding environment to emphasize the human voice if the user is in a noisy environment.


Automatic script editing

The newly launched Auto Edit Script feature will surely satisfy you. When users upload their finished videos to Blink Captions, the app will automatically extract the key points of the characters' dialogues and quickly show them the scripts written by AI through the Edit Script function, which users can choose to use or refer to.

Download the Latest Version of Blink Captions

There is no doubt that video creators have become more and more popular, many people want to share their daily lives with the audience from all over the world, therefore, the video editing application is indispensable. The best choice is the Blink Captions app, so let’s download this app and start a wonderful creating life.


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