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Brainly Plus

Brainly Plus v5.172.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Category:Education Apps OS:Android

Size:11.8 MB Latest update:Jan 30, 2024


About Brainly Plus

Many people believe that continuous learning makes people better, not only in terms of social status, but also in terms of new insights into life. However, learning is not an easy thing, many students are troubled by the complexity of the problem, they may even shout "learning is the most painful thing", in order to solve this problem, Brainly Plus has been developed to save these worried students.

What is Brainly Plus

Brainly Plus is an educational app for Android users that helps students to solve all the puzzles that range from math, linguistics, biology, chemistry, history, physics, kinesiology, economics, culture, etc. Brainly Plus has a huge database of questions, and if users can't find the answer corresponding to a question within the app, they can ask for help online. If you can't find the answer to a question in the app, you can ask your teacher for help, who will analyze the question carefully and help you understand the whole idea of solving the question.

In addition, the biggest feature of Brainly Plus is that it supports users to get the answers by taking pictures of the questions. Users only need to point the camera at the questions, upload a complete and clear picture, and Brainly Plus will automatically match the answers for you, with not only detailed steps to solve the questions, but also relevant lectures to help you expand your knowledge!

Features of Brainly Plus:

Solve all problems

Compared with other educational software, Brainly Plus has a powerful feature that covers all subjects and can answer all puzzles. I believe that many users are not only by the math difficult, such as physics, chemistry and other subjects are also very difficult, if only solve the math problem, that is not very bad, so Brainly Plus supports users to search for all the subjects of the problem, not only can provide detailed steps to solve the problem, there are also master teachers online to answer questions.


How to search for topics

There are three ways for users to choose.

  • First of all, users can choose to take pictures of the questions, and after uploading them to the app, the app will automatically match the questions until the answer is found, and the whole process will probably take more than ten seconds, but users need to pay attention to the fact that it is best to take a horizontal screen shot, and complete the questions to ensure that the pictures are clear and free of ghosting.

  • Secondly, users can search for questions directly in the search box, taking care not to make typos or have strange symbols.

  • Finally, the app supports users to search for questions by voice, assuming that the user is unable to type or take a picture, the user can dictate, and the app will automatically recognize the user's language, and then convert it into text for searching!

Online help from a master teacher

The question bank of Brainly Plus is huge but limited, users may come across some special questions which are very complicated and searching for the questions won't give them an answer, what should they do? Users can ask their friends or teachers for help, but the truth is that this method is not long term, the good news is that there is an online Q&A function within the app, users can contact famous teachers online, you can choose a male or a female teacher to help you, and these teachers will answer your questions very seriously.

Detailed problem solving steps

Students' learning levels are all different, so Brainly Plus will choose to list the most detailed solution steps when giving the answer to each puzzle, so that students can understand how the result of each solution step is obtained, of course, only knowing the result is not enough, the app will also recommend video lectures related to the topic, so that students can also expand their own relevant knowledge!


Download the Latest Version of Brainly Plus

Brainly Plus has also created an online community for students and teachers, a shared community where students are free to interact with teachers and post long essays on their learning experiences. Download and install this app, you'll realize how easy it is to learn.


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