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XBrowser v4.3.2 MOD APK ( Optimized/No ADS/Unlocked)

Category:Communication Apps OS:Android 7.0+

Size:1.5 MB Latest update:Jan 30, 2024


About XBrowser

Do you want to have a browser that is very fast, secure, and light? For many people, it is very important to have a good browser. An excellent browser can greatly enhance productivity and save time. A browser with fast browsing speed, stable performance, and a light size is the dream browser for people. Now, there is a browser available for you. It is Xbrowser.


What is Xbrowser?

Xbrowser is a light but excellent browser for users. You can download it very quickly, and it will not occupy much of your storage space because it is very light with a size no more than 5 MB. With its small size, it can offer you powerful functions and performance. Its browing speed and stability are very fast and stable, you can use it to search and browse any websites with ease. The optimized browser can offer you a wonderful and convenient user experience thanks to its advanced development team.

Xbrowser supports you customizing the UI of it. For example, there are day and night modes available for you to choose from. You can choose them according to your considerations. Each mode has its own features. In addition, you can also change the layouts of websites and make them more attractive and comfortable for you. The themes of the browser are also supported to change. In a word, you can customize the UI into the most suitable and comfortable one for you.

Want to watch videos offline? Xbrowser also supports downloading videos and watching them offline. There are many useful and practical features waiting for you to explore.

Features of Xbrowser

1. Minimalist Size Browser with Powerful Performance

This application is very light with a size no more than 5 MB. Have you ever seen a browser with a smaller size? Although its size is very small, it has a powerful performance and will offer you a great browsing experience. With optimized features, you can browse websites quickly and with stable performance. In addition, the very small size also means you can download it within just a few seconds.


2. Customizable UI

Different people have different usage habits, so Xbrowser also supports you in customizing its UI. There are two main modes available: day mode and night mode. The day and night modes allow you to change the in-app brightness. In the day, you can use day mode. At night, you can use night mode. All is decided by you. Besides, the layout of the website can also be customized by yourself. You can choose your favorite layout and change the color of the in-app interface. This customizable function offers you a wonderful and convenient user experience. In a word, it is a very user-friendly browser.

3. Download videos for Offline Watching

It is a very headache and frustrating problem for many peoiple that they can’t download their favorite videos and audios because of the limitaiton of websites. But now, you will not have such a concern in the future because Xbrowser allows users to download video and audio directly. So you can save those contents for offline watching and listening if you see any interesting videos and audios on websites.


4. Powerful Searching Function

Xbrowser also has a very powerful searching function. You can use it to search for any information you want to know. And it will provide you with accurate and sufficient search results in the search interface.

5. Multiple Search Ways

In addition to searching by text, this application also allows you to search by voice. This search way is very convenient and time-saving for users. Besides, there are more search forms waiting for you to explore.

6. Excellent Privacy Protection

You don't need to worry that your private information will be leaked out because this browser adopts the incognito mode to protect user's information. So, your privacy can be protected very well.

Download the Latest Version of Xbrowser

Do you want a browser with powerful performance and minimal size? The Xbrowser is your best choice! Download it immediately!


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