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RAR v6.23.build119 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Category:Tools Apps OS:Android 4.4+

Size:6.0 MB Latest update:Jan 31, 2024


About RAR

As a busy office worker, every day have to deal with, store, download a lot of data and files, these files occupy a lot of cell phone memory, seriously reduce the operating speed of the phone, and because of that, users are often difficult to organize and differentiate between them, this is really a distressing thing, now the emergence of the RAR can solve the problem, to help users to organize, compress, encrypt, and protect the data. 

What is RAR

RAR is a compressed file tool for Android users, which is popular among many users because of its simple page and powerful functions. Its main function is to compress multiple types of files into a single file, which takes up very little space in the phone memory, making it easy for users to transfer, share, download and manage files quickly, which greatly saves time and energy.

In addition, it also has the function of file corruption repair, for damaged Zip, RAR and other formats of files, it can effectively restore the quality and information to the pre-corruption. If users are worried about file security, you can also manually set password protection, which can effectively prevent others from stealing your privacy, it is really a good helper for office.

Features of RAR:

Compression of large files and data

One of the main functions of RAR is to compress a large number of files and data into a single file, which is extremely easy for users to store, share, as well as use. I'm sure many people struggle with the fact that they need to receive many files every day, which not only firmly take up space on their phones, but are also unorganizable due to different formats and too many types. If you compress the same type of files into one file, it will be very clear, and these compressed file format, users can choose zip or rar format.


Setting up password protection

In the RAR app, the compression process is very simple, efficient and secure, and users can compress files in all formats on their mobile devices. However, file security is also very important for users, involving business secrets and personal privacy, fortunately, RAR provides password protection settings, users can encrypt important files, if someone wants to view your file, then he must enter the correct password!

File corruption repair function

The most unique feature of RAR is the file corruption repair function. Users who are viewing a file may find that the file has been corrupted due to a long time or an error during the transfer process. Don't worry, you can use this feature to recover the original file in different formats, such as MP4, MP3, JPG, and so on, but one thing to be noted is that the image quality and the amount of information will still be maintained as it was before the corruption.

Decompresses files in all formats

RAR not only compresses files on the device, but also supports decompression of files in all formats. If a colleague sends you a file in zip format, you can decompress it with RAR, and when the decompression is complete, you can see all the files it contains. Users can also create folders with different files, place files of the same type in a new folder and compress them.


Download the Latest Version of RAR

In fact, the zip file function is also useful for users to back up their information quickly and conveniently, which is very efficient and time-saving, and all the information compressed and decompressed through the app is encrypted and password-protected, so users don't need to worry about the security of the files. Download and install the app now to improve your work efficiency!