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NetGuard v2.327 MOD APK (Pro Unlocked/Final)

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Size:2.66M Latest update:Jan 31, 2024


About NetGuard

NetGuard: A Revolutionary App for Secure Internet Usage


Introduction of NetGuard

In today's digital age, our lives increasingly depend on networks. But with the emergence of this addiction, concerns about online privacy and security have increased. Malicious subjects are constantly hiding in the digital landscape, maliciously exploiting vulnerabilities that harm our personal information. Here is the arrival of NetGuard - a powerful application designed to protect online activities from cyber threats.


Features of NetGuard

NetGuard offers a complete set of features to protect your Internet usage:


Enhanced website blocking experience

With the latest updates, you can block all sites more easily and efficiently. Enjoy a more comfortable process than ever before. With the user-friendly app, you can simply configure the blocking environment of your website according to your needs.


Benefits of blocking the Internet

The shielded network offers countless benefits that greatly improve your life. By filtering unwanted content, you improve productivity, reduce distractions, and focus on what matters to you.


Seamless and intuitive user interface

We pride ourselves on providing easy-to-use applications that are accessible to all users. Since it is easy to download and use the software, you can quickly start managing Internet access.


Uninterrupted browsing experience

Say goodbye to boring advertising and destructive journalism. Our company's applications can prevent advertising intrusions, protect personal information from indiscriminate looks, and effectively protect personal information.


Comprehensive traffic monitoring and analysis

Please use the advanced logging features to continue providing network activity information. Since all traffic is recorded in detail, access attempts can be searched, filtered, and analyzed. You can also export PCAP files for detailed business analysis.


Application-specific access control

Customize website access for each application. Depending on the application you use, you can allow or block specific addresses. It is very flexible and allows meticulous control of the research environment.


Convenient notifications and configuration

Notifications receive instant updates on new apps. With just a few clicks, NetGuard can be set up directly from the notification itself. Easy and fast, you save time and effort.


Network speed at a glance

You can use the status bar chart to view network performance information. This intuitive visual representation provides a high-speed overview of network speed to ensure a smooth browsing experience.


Personalize your experience with multiple themes

Please show your style with a variety of 5 themes. You can choose bright or dark variations to customize the overall shape and feel of the app to answer your visual calls.


App Usage of NetGuard

Using NetGuard is simple and user-friendly. We have a step-by-step guide to get started.


Download and install: go to the App Store of your device or our website and search for NetGuard. Download and install the app.


Application permissions: when you launch the application, it asks for specific permissions to make sure NetGuard is working properly. Give the necessary permissions for optimal performance.


Firewall Configuration: once installed, open NetGuard and go to the Settings menu. Here you can customize your firewall rules to your liking. Allow or block Internet access for certain applications and thus have full control over online activity.


Enable AD blocking: you can find the option to enable AD blocking in the Settings menu. Enable this function if you want to remove ads from the search environment.


Effective VPN integration: to use the active VPN, move your VPN Settings to NetGuard. The necessary details, such as the server address and connection information, constitute a VPN connection.


Enjoy a secure network: when launch the app, you know that privacy is protected, data is safe and you can browse the web safely.



Join the NetGuard Movement-Download Now!

In a world where personal information online is constantly threatened, we must take prior precautions to protect ourselves. Download NetGuard today and strengthen your digital defense. By using this app, we help create a safer digital environment for everyone.


Together, let's fight cyber threats and ensure a secure future for every Internet user.


Download NetGuard now and discover the true power of online protection!


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