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 JOOX Music

JOOX Music v7.19 MOD APK (VIP Unlocked/Adfree)

Category:Music & Audio Apps OS:Android

Size:246.3MB Latest update:Feb 01, 2024


About JOOX Music

Do you like to listen to music with your friends synchronously? Or would you like enjoy massive high quality music for free? If yes, here JOOX Music may suit your taste! Come and follow my steps to explore the powerfulness of JOOX!

What is JOOX Music?


JOOX Music is a free music streaming app available for local music enthusiasts, complete with lyrics. The app's extensive library boasts over forty million songs from around the world. Users can tune into their favorite radio stations and enjoy sharing trending videos, karaoke, and music with friends. 

Features of JOOX Music:

Huge Library of Music

In JOOX Music, you can instantly access streaming more than 40 million songs from all over the world. This is a huge library of music, if you own this app, you are able to listen to the most high quality music. If you are reading ,you can choose a soft music, that is to say the huge number of music are also divided for many kinds you can choose!

JOOX Rooms

JOOX Rooms allows you to enjoy music and live conversations with audio and video group chatting. Yes, listen carefully, in this application , not only can you listen so many music, but also chat with some other users who likes the same music as you, more than this, you also can chat with a video group! This is so interesting for you and your music-mates, right?

Lyrics Dynamics for All Favorite Songs

Here, you can not only listen to so many music , but also learn the words and lyrics to your favourite songs and albums to use in JOOX Music. If you are also a music lover, and like to sing, so JOOX is your best choice, because here you can read and sing the most accurately lyrics and some Lyrics dynamics

Real-Time Sharing 

If you find some music you love and frequently to listen and really want to share your songs with friends and on your Moments. There is a very convenient button-Transmit! With this butten, you just need to have one click so that you can share your favorite songs to your friends, more than that , if your friends have enough time ,you can also enjoy a real time sharing synchronously! No waiting , hurry up and take your partners to enjoy the same world of music!

Highly Appreciated Music Quality

The quality of the music remains impeccable even after download, with users granted the freedom to pick their desired downloading method. Whether it's a standalone track or part of a music video, each piece of music preserves its inherent audio and visual excellence.


Why is JOOX Music a good app?

As society advances and the demands of modern individuals escalate, there arises a common desire for an all-encompassing application that not only allows for the streaming of online music but also enables its download for personal devices. Such a tool is pivotal in catering to the realm of entertainment as well as meeting the dynamic work requirements of each person. In response to this growing need, JOOX Music has emerged as the solution that fulfills these aspirations. 

Whenever the urge to be thrilled and motivated by music strikes, it is at your service. Whether it's for a lengthy commute, a lively party, or enhancing your productivity at work, JOOX caters to your musical tastes. With its extensive collection, it satisfies both the home listener and those always on-the-go, ensuring there's something for everyone, everywhere.

Download the Latest Version of JOOX Music!

Download the JOOX Music app on your Android mobile device or tablet for an unparalleled musical experience. Uncover new tracks with exclusive playlists curated by our editors, who have selected songs that best match your taste and mood, ready to be enjoyed anytime, anywhere!


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