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Fomz v1.3.5 MOD APK (No Ads)

Category:Photography Apps OS:Android

Size:40.2 MB Latest update:Feb 01, 2024


About Fomz

Someone once said that "people are made of good memories", if there is no memory, then life is meaningless. In the past, we used words to record memories, words are beautiful, but it is difficult to reproduce the memory fragments, now, we use digital cameras to record life, and we can once again from the photos see the youthful teenagers at that time. Fomz can be said to be a great restoration of the texture of the vintage camera, the user can use it to record their own stories and even a lifetime.

What is Fomz

Fomz is a light retro camera app that greatly restores the texture of a vintage film camera, as well as having a variety of film filters and a curated collection of art film themes that are loved by many users. Life is worth recording often, whether it's after dusk when you sit on a bench with your loved one and watch the sunset, or in the drifting snow when you meet an injured black dog, or when you reunite with your family and raise a glass to celebrate the arrival of the New Year, the memories are usually painful, sad, happy, and full of hope, no matter what kind of it is, please record it, because after a number of years, you will see this photo again, and maybe there is a new answer in your mind.

Fomz is more unique than other camera apps, it focuses on restoring vintage film-style photos, and each theme will be paired with different film grains, watermarks, and effects according to the shooting scene, so be sure to pay attention to Fomz, as it will be updated regularly with new themes and styles.

Features of Fomz:

Record the feelings of the moment

Because of aging and memory loss, we gradually lose the ability to perceive life, just like we can no longer remember when this photo of a snowball fight took place, so it's very important to record the current feelings on the photo, and through words, we may be able to remember the happiness and joy again. Fomz supports users in recording important dates or writing down their current feelings on the digital image. Detailed dates are very helpful for users to summarize the photos.


A range of interesting art themes

Fomz has also curated a series of art film themes, each theme is different and will be paired with different film grain levels and watermarks depending on the scene being shot, as well as light leakage effects, film photographic paper and other styles. These themes include vintage pastel-tone themes, classic movie themes (like Roman Holiday), Japanese film styles and more, and the dark gray emulated viewfinder will also help users to take vintage photos.

live view function

In the latest version, Fomz also introduces the Live Shot feature. The biggest feature of this function is that it can capture the image and audio of the moment before and after the photo is taken, preserving the best moment of the moment, for example, if you take a photo of fireworks, it will preserve the sound effect of the fireworks, which is very wonderful. Users can also utilize this function to view each and every frame of the live shot, and by taking a screenshot, you can save the best frame.

Vintage film cameras

Instead of a very heavy physical film camera, there is a vintage film camera app that not only shoots like a film camera, but is also portable and doesn't require effort or money.Every image taken by Fomz will remind you of a long time ago, and the darker bluish tones will give the photos a more textured and vintage look!


Download the Latest Version of Fomz

Fomz also features the ability to add photo frames to your photos, and the app has a large selection of photo frames for users to choose from, including cute, vintage, and fashionable frames. In addition, users who download this version will enjoy the benefit of no ads, so there will never be any ads interrupting when taking photos. Download and install Fomz now and enter a brand new picture world


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