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7/3 barbearia

7/3 barbearia v3.0.4 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Category:Beauty Apps OS:Android

Size:11.6MB Latest update:Jan 10, 2024


About 7/3 barbearia

Hello everyone! Good news! 

Now it is more convenient for you to schedule your appointment at 7/3 barbershop.

Now you can make an appointment at 7/3 barbershop more easily and conveniently. Just download our app and stay informed of our recent events and exclusive promotions for our app users.

Have a good day!

****7/3 Barbearia v3.0.4 Changelog****


New Features

Added scheduling appointments with specific barbers.

Introduced a feedback and rating system for customers.

Integrated a notification system for appointment reminders and updates.

Improved user interface for a seamless booking process.



Enhanced barber profile section for better information display.

Streamlined appointment cancellation process.

Improved search functionality for more accurate results.


Bug Fixes

Fixed app crash when accessing feedback submission form.

Resolved incorrect availability display for certain barbers.

Fixed styling issues on smaller devices.

Corrected various minor bugs and issues.


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