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Android Proxy Server

Android Proxy Server V8.0 mod apk (Premium Unlocked)

Category:Tools Apps OS:Android 4.4+

Size:4.3 MB Latest update:Sep 26, 2023


About Android Proxy Server

Android Proxy Server enables you to operate your own proxy server on your Android device and distribute your device's network connection to other devices, including family and friends.


1. The following protocols are managed by the application:

the Http/Https, Socks5, Shadowsocks, and TCP relay feature (which allows sharing of the Orbot app connection and serves as a TCP protocol relay). Meanwhile, both the HTTP/HTTPS/Socks/Shadowsocks proxies support authentication, which enhances the security of the proxies.

2. Root permissions are not required.

3. It is beneficial to direct your traffic through your Android device.

4. To capture and record network requests and responses from other devices, use it together with the network packet capture application.

5. This application is aided by plug-in installations, fully resolving the issue of phone proxy services being inaccessible after turning on VPN services on some mobile devices, as well as the inability to share VPN services.

6. If you use the VPN Share Tunnel plugin, you do not need to follow this step. However, if you are using the Android Proxy Server app, it is necessary to use it instead of the proxy to access the VPN service.

7. It supports dark mode.

This is a professional software application. If you require assistance while using it, please contact the developer at or via Telegram, and we will do our utmost to help you. Telegram Group:


Updates in the latest version 8.0:

- Bug fixes.

- Adaptation to Android 13.

- Address the issue of some mobile phones failing to start the plug-in. To resolve this issue, please update the plug-in to its most recent version. We have also implemented a method to force the plug-in to start.

- The TCP protocol relay feature added and be able to share an Orbot connection on a phone.

- Plug-in support added, to resolve the issue of some mobile phones failing to connect to the local proxy service after turning on VPN.

- Basic authentication to the HTTP/HTTPS/Socks5 protocols.


Android Proxy Server Android Proxy Server Android Proxy Server Android Proxy Server