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App Riocard Mais

App Riocard Mais V2.33.5 mod apk (Premium Unlocked)

Category:Tools Apps OS:Android 5.1+

Size:46.4 MB Latest update:Sep 26, 2023


About App Riocard Mais

  All your Riocard Mais cards can be recharged and managed here!

  Riocard Mais is the new name for the Carto Digital app. It allows you to completely manage all of your Riocard Mais cards, watch your balance, examine your statements, check the progress of your orders, and recharge using Pix, credit or debit card! If your smartphone supports NFC, you may also pay for the ticket and authenticate the top-up directly from your phone.


- Purchase of Refills

  Buy top-ups with the app, no queues, wherever you are, and never run out of credit! Quick payment can be made with Pix, credit or debit card.

- Favorite Reloading

  Save the cards you commonly need to top up, and enter the number just once!

- History of Orders

  Follow the progress of your recharges step by step, find out when the balance was added to the card, view the history, and recover incomplete orders.

- Card Administration

  Store your cards in the Riocard Mais app to keep track of your balance at all times. Top up your account, check your balance, and share your history. All of this is accomplished with a single click on the shortcuts.

- Biometric Identification

  Log in without using a password. Simply utilize your device's biometric recognition.

- Validation of Top-ups (NFC required)

  Don't keep waiting for your recharge to appear on your card. If you have a recharge to authenticate and your device supports NFC, simply tap your card on the device and release the recharge. Better usage instructions are provided in the app!

- Digital Card (NFC required)

  Pay for your ticket with your phone instead of a paper card! It is possible to pay for a ticket on public transportation using the NFC capability of a smartphone."


  Minor bug fixes and improvements have been made in the latest version 2.33.5.


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