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EVOX - Business phone service

EVOX - Business phone service V1.0.6 MOD APK(Premium Unlocked)

Category:Communication Apps OS:Android

Size:15.9MB Latest update:Sep 26, 2023


About EVOX - Business phone service

EVOX is an enterprise-oriented cloud phone system with an online back-end management system, including company representative numbers, office phone functions, automatic switchboards and voicemails. PCs, mobile phones and IP phones are also supported to answer or make calls.

EVOX is a enterprise communication resolution,allowing your company to manage your corporate business phone and office phone directly on your computer without purchasing hardware switchboard equipment. In addition to comprehensive enterprise phone functions, you can also use a personal computer, IP phone, or mobile phone application as an employee extension. Besides, we can expand your phone system based on the needs of the enterprise by cloud integration and AI technology as the service is built in the cloud. 

With EVOX mobile extension, you can:

- Use your mobile phone to answer the company extension, and dial out using the company representative number

- Separate work from off-work matters, no need to use personal mobile phone to handle official business

- Reduce call costs: calls between colleagues are free, calls to outside lines can save costs, and international calls are free of roaming.

- Conveniently contact company members or customers through the address book

- Enjoy all corporate phone functions, including making and receiving calls, holding, transferring, pickup, three-way calling, etc.

- Browse call history

- Exclusive voicemail for each extension, and customized personal greetings


EVOX - Business phone service EVOX - Business phone service EVOX - Business phone service EVOX - Business phone service EVOX - Business phone service