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ENZYM V2.23 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Category:Dating Apps OS:Android

Size:21.7MB Latest update:Oct 17, 2023



Come and enjoy your social connections online in ENZYM!

Do you want to boost your social life online and meet as more interesting people as possible? Are you feeling tired of clicking into a lengthy page in some apps, searching for something interesting or someone that attracts you for a long time but still in vain? Or are you upset when you arent able to have an offline dating with the one you like online because of the long distance? ENZYM can solve all of your worries and problems!


Just download ENZYM and you can discover the magic of this app.

The followings are features designed for all the users to leave a pleasant and satisfying impression on ENZYM.

Finding users around your area according to your location.

We are aiming to combine online community with real-life activity. The only thing you need to do is to click on the icon named Lighting, and this app will recommended people nearby with showing their specific distance so that you can know how far your friends are. And you can have 10 minutes to choose the one you are interested in and scan his or her QR-code which will appear on his or her phone. As long as he or she accept your QR-code, you can send and receive messages from each other and try to make new friends after getting to know more about each other anywhere at anytime.

Also, if you are unsatisfied with your chatting, you can delete them or post them for their impolite behaviors.


Receiving gifts from your friends.

ENZYM is a dating app for chatting but not just for chatting. You can boost your friendships or build your relationships in various ways. In order to enrich your chatting time, we provided many funny gifts for you when using this app. After a pleasant conversation, you can receive gift coupons from your partners. Besides, there is a Pint icon in the top left corner. Fill it after you scan the QR-code from your friends smartphones. Then you can earn a 3 Euro gift coupon every time after you fully fill up the pint.

So the more you scan QR-codes of others, the more gifts you will get as well as friends!


Registering quickly and simply.

Just write down your email address and then you will receive a validation code. Type it to confirm your identification and then you can create your new account. And next comes one of the most important step--add a picture of yours. Only if you add your real information like a photo of yourself, a short sentence to introduce yourself can other users recognize you. Moreover, choose a nice nickname so that it can attract others attention.

Earning ZYMs that can allow you to explore more functions

Theres a map that can show the located users around you in your zone. If you click on their picture you can view their information or come into chats. You can discriminate whether they are your friends by the color of the halo around their picture--with purple halo as your friends and white halo as strangers.  

You will have a mission with those with purple halo and chat with them as long as they are in your zoom.

In short, we connect your online chatting with real life, witch helps you enhance your friendship. We sincerely hope that you can create a charming and unforgettable memories in ENZYM!



Name of App: ENZYM

Category: Free Dating App

Developer:  Enzym

Requires Android: Android 5.0+

Available on: Google Play

The Newest Version: 2.23 (with several minor bugs fixed and better services updated)

Last updated: Jun 22, 2023

File size: 21.7MB

If you have any trouble or cant win the gifts close to you, please contact us: