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LetsChat V2.39.2 MOD APK(Premium Unlocked)

Category:Communication Apps OS:Android

Size:81.7MB Latest update:Oct 16, 2023


About LetsChat

If you are social media enthusiasts, then LetsChat is a great option for you. Let’s chat with your friends and discover more fun! This is an ideal application for those who are seeking an alternative to the standard social apps currently available today. Download LetsChat now and have an extraordinary experience!


What is LetsChat?

LetsChat is a free online messaging application available on feature phones and smartphones specially designed for African users. LetsChat develops a fun and trendy way to stay connected with close friends and family and to expand your circle of friends through chat, video, and stories.

With this app at your hand, you will be able to learn about what your family and friends engage in recently, to share your real-life moments as well as to express and gain new opinions through the interaction with others. Let’s have a glimpse of what LetsChat is like.


Superior Features to Explore

Go beyond texting and chatting

Different ways to Communicate with friends are offered and your messages and calls encrypted  in LetsChat. Except for the above, LetsChat distinguishes itself by the ability of managing group efficiently! You can create a group chat with up to 500 people and connect with 30 friends in a group call. Unique African-style emoticons, stickers... and more surprises are awaiting you to find out.

Connect to small cell phone

LetsChat features chatting on smartphones and small cell phones, allowing the possibility of Connecting with your family and friends without any boundary. That is to say, you can send messages, voice messages and pictures to small phone users on LetsChat.

Enjoy crystal-clear video and voice calls

Another highlight of the app is that your calls are of high quality and at an affordable cost. LetsChat is dedicated to satisfying everyone’s need of enjoying low-cost phone calls!

Share your feelings

Capture precious moments with dual cameras and express yourselves with selfies when you feel down. Share your feelings with music and emojis and explore the lives of your friends when you are thrilled.

Discover new friends and trends

LetsChat helps meet new people nearby and explore your network. Furthermore, you may keep yourselves informed of the latest news and trends with just one tap on the application.


However, every coin has two sides. The app also has some pros and cons like other apps. But it doesn’t mean that the app is getting worse. On the contrary, both of them makes the app.

Pros & Cons


It’s an fun and great alternative to traditional social media app

Connection to small cell phone is viable.

LetsChat boasts the most powerful ability to manage group: invite up to 500 people for a group chat and stay connected with 30 friends in a group call, thousands of people sharing their precious moment simultaneously.

There are more superior features to be explored in this extraordinary app.


One of downsides is that you may encounter occasional crash while using.

There is a log-in issue to be addressed for further development. To put it in a simple way, sometimes it does not allow users to log in again after they logged out accidentally, the security of your account taken into consideration.

The poor customer service is needed to be mentioned here.


Download LetsChat Now

LetsChat presents users with the opportunity to meet new friends while keeping in touch with your friends and family through chat, video, and stories. Although bearing the resemblance to other social network services, LetsChat has its distinctive features for users to explore. Download LetsChat right now and have a try! And you will find that it won’t disappoint you.


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