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PickU V3.9.8 MOD APK(Premium Unlocked)

Category:Beauty Apps OS:Android

Size:41.29MB Latest update:Sep 26, 2023


About PickU

Having you experienced a bundle of photo editing applications, you must have been familiar with the common practices of these apps. Most of these apps are not free as it is advertised, and a great number of apps are not as simple as it is recommended. What’s more, a wide range of them don’t boast such features as you would like. If all those experience has somewhat let you down, PickU is a great option for you.Let’s download PickU to create stunning images and videos.


What is PickU?

As a multi-functional photo editing app, PickU is a quite effective tool with filters, effects, fonts, stickers available from basic to advanced level.

Not only does PickU work in photos but also it applies to videos characterized by a great ease of use. With just a few basic operations, you can trim photos, apply filters, or undertake many other complicated photo tasks right on mobile, such as changing backgrounds, designing avatars and logos, and making collages and stickers and blurring photos, which can only be done through Photoshop, AI, or other photo-editing software before. But it is worth mentioning that PickU has free and paid versions where you can do some (for free) and all advanced tasks (for the paid version) .

Amazing Features to Explore

photo and video editor

Use millions of stunning image templates with no charge to edit your own photos.

Set different exposure levels of your photos and create mixed photo layers

Quickly reverse and trim photos

Trendy filters to get your photos fashionable and cool

Create photo collages with some of your pictures

Your photos and images come to life

Have fun making your own sticker and collage when editing photos and videos. Then you can also add stickers to photos to further enjoy editing fun.

Background changer and eraser

Hundreds of backgrounds are offered containing various themes after deleting the exact object. For example, emoji backgrounds, nature backgrounds, border backgrounds, frames and more. 

Able to identify people, plants, buildings and animals

Remove backgrounds automatically 

Create high-quality pictures without background and then exert your imagination

Logo maker

Make stunning logos: can give you a great change in your appearance.

Experience a variety of hair colors, makeup styles

Make personalized cartoon clip art

Use magic effects to make your photos cute

Turn your logo into a work o f art with canvas effect

Outline your selfie using popular sketch templates

Customize blending modes

Blurring photo 

Create the best blur effects like DSLR camera. The blur effect perfectly combines portrait with beauty effects. You can use it to stress what you want to present with others by blurring backgrounds and other objects.

Filters and effects

High-quality filters for selfies, portraits, food, landscapes or any photos. 

Adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, hue, warmth according to your like.


Add personalized text with various fonts available to your photos to turn your photos into magazine covers.


Download PickU Now

PickU is a versatile and easy-to-use photo and video editor! It can be used as a photo and video editor, background changer and eraser, logo, collage and sticker maker with various fonts, filters and effects, featuring blurring photos. 

The power to editing images in PickU is magical. With PickU at your hand, you can immediately use millions of free photo templates to edit photos for yourself. With just one touch, you’ve finished editing with impressive styles without having to manually customize each element one by one. However, if you would like to edit ready-made images and videos without a template, you can use some tools available in the app to make your photos and videos look great. If that’s still not enough editing power for you, continue to use the advanced tools in PickU for paid version to add a special characteristics to the photo.Let’s download PickU to create stunning images and videos.


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