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Loopify V220 MOD APK(Premium Unlocked)

Category:Art & Design Apps OS:Android

Size:35MB Latest update:Oct 17, 2023


About Loopify

Do you have any question about how to edit music? Get Loopify for your Android phone or tablet and start recording your wonderful loop using your microphone. No more buying a physical loop station, get this loop now and start cycling right away!

Loopify is a mobile phone beat calibrator tool that is easy to use. Android latest version Loopify supports 4, 6.8 and 9 channels as well as merges recording mode, input, output, reverb, compression and other operations. Powerful, boutique download site are also attached with Loopify premium unlocked version, no ads is free to use all functions.



Why do I need calibration

All Android devices have a delay when recording and playing audio. If you don't calibrate your device, all your looping playback will get out of sync, next it will ruin your looping experience.

What is latency

Delay is the time which takes for a signal to pass through the system. In our case, we are talking about the audio signal that enters the microphone until it plays again through your speakers. Depending on your device, this can range from a few milliseconds to hundreds of milliseconds.


1. Merge channels, loop samples, metronome, countdown.

2. Shift loop, share projects with friends and record songs (m4a or wav).

3. Start recording your own loop with microphone with reverb, echo, flanger, bit shredder, compressor.

4. Make sure all loops always use the same sample rate, so you can make the most of the loop experience.




With automatic calibration, the device will beep three loud beeps. When a beep is played, Loopify will listen to the beep to see how long it takes between playing and hearing the beep. If all three beeps are successful, you can continue the cycle!


In some cases, you may prefer manual calibration, such as when automatic calibration fails. In manual mode, Loopify will play two loud beeps and visualize them with two red blocks. While listening to the beep, Loopify visualizes the recorded audio as a blue block. To calibrate, you need to cover the red block by moving the blue block. Depending on the movement, Loopify will set a delay for your device.


You’d better use headphones or earphones

It is highly recommended to use headphones when using Loopify. Without headphones, the microphone will pick up all the audio your device is playing, causing it to re-record, creating a lot of noise in your loop.

You’s better not to use Bluetooth headphones

Bluetooth headsets add an extra layer of latency, sometimes the lantency reaches to 500 milliseconds. For the best sense of loop experience, you should use wired headphones.



Download Loopify on the website, extract it to the current folder, click the application in it, enter the installation wizard interface, and then click Next. And select the software installation location interface, it is recommended that users install in the D drive disk, select the installation location and click next. At this time, we come to the installation interface, and users need to click Install.


Set the metronome

Turn on the metronome and set the appropriate beat tempo (expressed in beats per minute, such as 120 BPM) as needed. Loopify will have an adjustment button or numeric keypad that can be used to set the beat tempo.

Start Metronome

Press or tap the start button in Loopify to start timing and emit beat sounds or visual signals.

Auditory judgment

Judge the speed and stability of a beat based on the sound emitted by the metronome (e.g., ticking, clicking) or visual signals (e.g., flashing points of light). Try to be consistent with the rhythm of the metronome.

Follow the metronome

Play with an instrument or perform body movements according to the metronome's signal, keeping pace with the metronome's rhythm. Take care to control your sense of speed and rhythm, in line with the metronome.

Practice rhythm

Using the metronome for rhythm practice, you can gradually increase the beat speed and improve your own rhythm and accuracy.

It's important to note that the metronome is an auxiliary tool that helps you maintain a sense of rhythm and steady tempo, but also develop your own inner sense of rhythm and music. Pay more attention to your hearing and sensations when practicing, and try to use the metronome as a reference tool rather than relying entirely on it.


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