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Coffee Cam

Coffee Cam v2.3.1 MOD APK(Pro Unlocked)

Category:Beauty Apps OS:Android

Size:29MB Latest update:Oct 17, 2023


About Coffee Cam

What to do if you go out to play with friends and want to take pictures, but you don't have makeup? Don’t worry about it, Coffee Cam can help you to deal with it. Of course if you make up in advance, this application can also let your picture more beautiful in that there are too many models and functions in it. In addition to portraits, landscape photos can also be retouched. So choosing Coffee Cam is a wise way to increase the joy of life and improve the quality of life.


The Coffee Camera app is a very easy photo editor that can bring you many retro filter effects, making it easy to create Polaroid, light leak, film and 1998 style filter effects. The English name is Coffee Cam. It is very convenient to use, just import photos for quick editing. These filters help users adjust the tone and mood of their photos to create a unique visual effect. Whether you want to add a touch of nostalgia to your photos or create a romantic atmosphere, Coffee Cam have you covered. Powerful editing features are also provided, enabling users to express their creativity and personality in post-processing. It possesses a variety of techniques for working with photos, including adjusting basic parameters such as brightness, contrast, saturation, and advanced features such as cropping, rotating, and repairing.


Maybe you are confused about the name of Coffee Cam. As we all know Cam means camera that is used to take pictures, but why it adds Coffee.? OK why coffee is included in the name is because it’s a vintage style camera that cantains a lot of distressed features. Generally speaking, cups of coffee always have a stable and intimate relationship with the old towns of America. There are too many vintage towns in American streets, and the coffee shops are the indispensable element of them. There are even coffee shops designed in a retro style like STARBUCKS that also be famous in China. At the same time, it does prove that coffee has some kind of close connection with vintage style in a retro and nostalgic country, China. So this application also considers about this aspect, and the publishers use Coffee in the name.



Smartphone cameras are becoming more advanced and convenient. However, with this modern development, some users have begun to miss the classic way of shooting, the feeling of creating unique photos. Along with that, Coffee Cam came into being. This app provide users with a unique and creative shooting experience by simulating the look and shooting style of a classic camera.


Coffee Cam mimics the physical buttons, body materials, and lens design of classic cameras, giving a complete picture of the look and feel of older cameras. Along with that, users can take photos as if they were there, mimicking traditional cameras.



Coffee Cam provides a variety of filters and shooting modes for users to choose from. With in-app filters, users can add classic colors and textures to their photos, making them look like old photos that have passed through the ages. These filters cover classic shades such as black and white, tan, vintage blue, etc., giving photos a unique sense of story. In addition, Coffee Cam also provides different shooting modes, such as selfie mode, stop frame mode and continuous shooting mode, allowing users to choose the most suitable mode according to their needs and achieve more diverse shooting.


Coffee Cam provides exposure compensation and focus functions, allowing users to adjust the brightness and focus of the frame. These features give users more precise control over the effect of their photos, increasing creative freedom. In addition, Coffee Cam also provides unique shooting modes, such as double exposure and long exposure, allowing users to create more artistic and unique works.


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