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Drivevo v8.4.8 MOD APK(Pro Unlocked)

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Size:14.43MB Latest update:Oct 17, 2023


About Drivevo

How can we make our cars safer? And what can we do to deal with the problems of the high oil prices? Have you ever combined the car with your phone? The latest version of Drivevo is a car information management software, which can help users record the data of each trip, including the driving distance, car fuel consumption, trip cost and other data, so that users can manage their vehicles more conveniently.

Drivevo is a pure car management app that you can use to record your car's fuel consumption, mileage, expenses, and even income, as well as reminders to refuel, check tire pressure, maintenance, insurance and so on. Supporting cars, buses, trucks, motorcycles, and multiple fuels: gasoline, diesel, ethanol, natural gas, trams. There are no features that have nothing to do with your car, no community, no fuel consumption rankings, just a pure record of your car's information.



Compared with mainstream fuel consumption applications, the biggest feature of Drivevo is no interference and pure. It can even be used without registration. Multiple vehicles can be managed by one person, or multiple people can manage a single vehicle together.

Drivevo has a Chinese interface, you can choose cars, motorcycles, buses and trucks when adding vehicles, and there is a lot of vehicle model information built-in, but if you buy a new car model and it is not in it, you can also set it to something else, and then enter the manufacturer and model yourself, and now you can set the fuel type, and there are quite a few supports:

Fuels (gasoline, diesel, ethanol)

Natural gas


Each time you record, you need to enter the current vehicle mileage, if it is fuel consumption information, you can also record the oil price, total cost, liters, and then a detailed report will be displayed, which can be divided into time periods to count the cost of fueling, expenses, income, maintenance and so on.

Cost per day

Cost in kilometers

Average fuel consumption (minimum fuel consumption, maximum fuel consumption)

Fuel consumption of the last time

The number of kilometers between each refueling

Drivevo's statistics function is very professional, everything you can think of and not expect, all counted, and there are clear icons for your reference. Just need you... Remember every car purchase, such as refueling, maintenance, fines, repairs, insurance, etc.




With this program, the driver will have not only personal but also professional financial control. You'll have financial control over business travel receivables so that they can be recovered.

Gas adding

With this application, you can get information about your gas consumption, which is displayed in the form of reports and graphs, such as average kilometers per liter, cost per kilometer driven, kilometers traveled, fuel calculations and so on. Manage your refueling records anytime and anywhere.


The driver can enter and view the expenses and services performed, such as oil changes, check brakes, tire rotation, filters, commissioning, etc. This is a very useful tool to know all the maintenance work of the vehicle.


To make life easier for drivers who use vehicles as tools of work, Drivevo also allows the recording of earnings. Designed for people who use vehicles professionally and need real-time visibility into vehicle-related expenses and revenues.


Track your vehicle's expenses with Drivevo. Drivevo allows drivers to have full control over their expenses in that drivers can average fuel consumption is calculated between two fill-up tanks. Taxes, financing, insurance, fines, tolls, and other expenses can be registered.


Drivevo also assists in managing reminder services to provide services and expenses such as financing, oil change monitoring, adjustments, tire rotations, taxes and fines on a regular basis, with the ability to schedule by kilometer readings or dates.


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