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Mango Translate

Mango Translate v1.6.6 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Category:Tools Apps OS:Android

Size:71MB Latest update:Oct 17, 2023


About Mango Translate

Mango Translate is a translation software that is very easy to use, and this software supports a variety of translation modes, users can directly enter the content which can be automatically converted into translation results, the translation speed is very fast, and the accuracy is also extremely high, in addition to the text input, it also supports voice input. All functions here are free to use in that it welcomes friends in need to come in and download.

It is a very good mobile phone translation software, this software uses the latest recognition technology, users only need to drag the software floating box to the dialog box or text can be partially translated, it is very convenient to use, more intelligent translation function, easy one-key switch, intelligent identification of translation language, translation process is more efficient, whether in life, study, or work can be used.



Mango Translate is a necessary tool for everyone to translate, the software function is very powerful, which supports Chinese and English translation use it, which used in life, travel, study, work and other purposes, to meet the needs of different users, translation in hand, going out without worrying about communication, learning does not have to worry about it, because the operation is very simple.


1. Whether you are studying or traveling, with this software, language is no longer a communication barrier.

2. It can meet everyone's needs well in many different scenarios, and the application size is small and easy to operate.

3. After users turn on the microphone and voice recognition function in the application, they can quickly realize voice input.

4. The results are very accurate, you can rest assured to refer to them, all of them use the latest recognition functions.

5. With a variety of conversion effects, everyone's needs can basically be met in this.


1. The supported languages are wide-ranging, and you can translate them by text, voice, uploading pictures and so on.

2. Automatically identify the relevant language entered by the user, say goodbye to manual input, and make the translation process more convenient and efficient.

3. It can be used here for free at any time, and at the same time, it can also perform voice translation, and the efficiency will be faster.

4. It can effectively improve your translation efficiency and is a translation artifact for your work, life, study and travel.

5. It can meet everyone's different translation needs at any time, and the supported languages are very comprehensive.



Multiple languages are supported, real-time translation is possible, and the final result is very informative.

The application can complete the language change in a very short time, which provides great convenience for everyone.

After successfully entering the voice message, the app will translate your voice content into English.

It can also translate the recording, the translation speed is fast, and the Chinese and English can be quickly switched.

You can bookmark the translated content and browse it at any time in the app.




1. Download Mango Translate to the computer, and then double-click the mouse to install it.

2. After downloading the installation package, first of all, we need to click the user agreement in the lower left corner, after agreeing, if there are no other requirements, click "Quick Installation" to install quickly, if you want to modify, you can click "Custom Installation" on the right.


3. After clicking "Custom Installation", the interface will change, modify the file installation path inside, select it on the left, and click "Quick Installation".

4. After clicking "Quick Install", the program will be installed automatically, wait patiently.


Mango Translate Mango Translate Mango Translate Mango Translate