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Mantis Gamepad Pro

Mantis Gamepad Pro V2.2.8b MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Category:Tools Apps OS:Android 7.0+

Size:55.0 MB Latest update:Oct 17, 2023


About Mantis Gamepad Pro

  Using a joystick or gamepad can simplify playing mobile games. However, configuring the device for each game can be time-consuming. Is there a solution? Downloading the Mantis Gamepad Pro app could resolve the issue.

What is the Mantis Gamepad Pro app?

  Mantis Gamepad Pro is a useful gadget if you primarily use your Android device for gaming. With this program, you can configure almost any Android controller for use with your preferred smartphone games, thus optimizing your gaming experience.


Main Features Include:

Map the control buttons on the Gamepad

  Though various controller types are supported by different games, the gamepad remains a popular choice because it offers hands-on control and greater flexibility. To play games with a gamepad, map its buttons to match the corresponding keys on your device using a mobile app.

The interface is designed to be simple and intuitive, and the core feature is the universal touch mapping technology. Users can reset the position of the control buttons to their liking and simply follow the instructions given by the app. 

  After redesigning the layout and button positions, users can try various types of games, such as FPS shooters, battles, adventures, Pokémon, etc., to compare the comfort level before and after mapping. If the user is not satisfied with the settings, he can also save the current settings and try a new button layout. Mantis Gamepad Pro allows the user to create and save multiple sets of settings for later use at any time.


Remap specific buttons for action games

  Specialized character abilities are common in action games and may require frequent use. To make control easier, corresponding buttons can be remapped.

  If you find it challenging to perform actions such as flying, jumping, wall-clinging, aiming, or sneaking, the Mantis Gamepad Pro's Phases feature can help. With this feature, you can assign specific buttons to a character's ability and combine action buttons, streamlining the process and avoiding limitations imposed by the current button layout.


Multi-device compatible

  Gamepads come in various designs, but Mantis Gamepad Pro is compatible with most controllers, including those from multiple manufacturers with differing designs and connectors. Even if your controller supports Android, such as devices from Nintendo, Xbox, PlayStation, or other programs, you can quickly and easily remap the keys using the built-in Launch Buddy Service On-Device function of the app.



  The developer, Mantis Gamepad Pro, has added anti-data-stealing features to its app to ensure that game progress and account information are secure. This prevents accidental data leaks, and all important game information, such as gameplay and level data, is kept confidential. Additionally, Mantis Gamepad Pro users are assured that their data and gaming accounts will not be compromised, tracked by spyware, or subject to malicious account bans.


Download the latest version

The latest version updates

  Introduced On-Device MantisBuddy 2.0.

Reasons to download

  It enables gamers to easily and rapidly remap their controller buttons to their personal preferences. It eliminates the requirement for a complex computer connection or a large monitor, maximizing players' mobility and flexibility during gameplay.

  One of the most fascinating attributes of Mantis Gamepad Pro is its ability to operate flawlessly without clone applications, which can save time and effort, and avoid potential bans. Additionally, it utilizes minimal resources, enabling seamless use of its capabilities in your games.

Download Methods

  Mantis Gamepad Pro can be downloaded from our website or app store. 

  To start playing, open the application, choose your game, and connect your controller to your device. Then, select the floating Mantis Gamepad Pro widget and add each button to the interface. These buttons are customizable, allowing you to modify their appearance and functionality.


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