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Textra SMS

Textra SMS v4.68 MOD APK(Pro Unlocked)

Category:Tools Apps OS:Android

Size:34MB Latest update:Oct 17, 2023


About Textra SMS

Textra SMS "Textra SMS" is from Delicious Inc., the development team of chompSMS. chompSMS is now largely not updated. So the team DeliciousInc began working on Textra SMS after chompSMS. The new Textra SMS focuses on the "simple, beautiful, and extremely fast" route, and the overall volume is lighter than chompSMS.




The interface design still retains this previous exquisite style, and supports customizing various interfaces, icons, font styles, colors, etc., which is very pleasing.

In addition, the biggest highlight of Textra SMS Pro "Textra SMS" is that it can be used to perfectly replace the system's own SMS. The previous SMS software due to various displays, it can not be used to replace the system's own SMS, and it must retain the system's own SMS to read the received information. The limitation is very large. Now with Textra SMS, it be bold and delete the text messages that come with the system.

Textra SMS is an SMS app developed by Delicious Inc. Its user interface is simple, beautiful, fast, and small, and it is specially designed for Android 4.0 and above. Textra SMS can completely replace the SMS application that comes with the mobile phone, and does not require additional settings, which is very popular among users. The software comes with Chinese Simplified.


Key features of Textra SMS include a complete replacement for the out-of-box SMS app, full compatibility with MMS and group chats, multiple notification customization settings (such as icon color, LED color, notification ringtone, vibrating mode, privacy and quick reply pop-ups), and the ability to set contacts individually.

The app is characterized by its simple and beautiful user interface and fast operation, which is very convenient to use. It also offers a variety of personalized notification settings, allowing users to customize SMS notifications to their liking.

Textra SMS also provides tutorials to help users understand how to use and make better use of the app's various features. Users can refer to tutorials according to their needs to better use the app.



The main "simple, beautiful, extremely fast", small size, beautiful interface, smooth operation; Support customizing various interfaces, icons, font styles, colors, etc., and Textra SMS can perfectly replace the system's own SMS, avoiding the trouble of repeated notifications thoroughly;

With practical settings for daily SMS, and the development team is constantly improving and adding functions, there is no doubt about the practicality;

With a separate MMS settings menu, you can manually set MMS parameters, sending and receiving MMS messages is not a problem;

Provide personalized notification style settings, you can modify notification icon style, vibration mode, privacy mode, LED notification color and other personalized parameters;

Support pop-up window reminder, and you can freely set pop-up parameters;

The information and operations in the session list and session window take a simple route, with all functions, but the style is fresh and not cumbersome;


Have a range of great features, especially more than 100 material design themes, bubbles, and app icon colors.

Dark, light and auto night modes, 6 bubble styles, scheduled (future) SMS and MMS, stop during sending.

Swipe to delete/call, quick photo camera, multi-select gallery, quick reply pop-up, amazing MMS mass sending.



1. SMS opening speed is fast, so is the perfect work of group chat MMS

2. Free, no ads

3. You can set the notification, bubble color, and even deliver the report to each contact

4. Such as 800+ Emojis, GIPHYs, color theme, dark mode, floating notifications, quick reply pop-up

5. MMS mass sending heap (can be with IPone mobile phone) and SMS blocker/blacklist

6. Support custom color bubbles, multi-signature, status and notification

7. Icon color, glowing color, sound, vibration mode, privacy, repeat frequency, pebble alarm, alarm floating, pop-up quick reply or simply close the notification


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