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Money Lover

Money Lover V8.0.3.1 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Category:Finance Apps OS:Android 7.0+

Size:83.1 MB Latest update:Oct 17, 2023


About Money Lover

  Are you in trouble with how to manage your money? 

  If you find budgeting stressful, then the Money Lover app may be just what you need.

What is the Money Lover app?

  Money Lover is a finance app that aims to make managing your money a bit more enjoyable. Unlike other finance apps that take a serious approach to finances, this app and money service adds a lighter tone to the subject. It's an ideal app to use if you want to manage your budget without feeling restricted. 


Main Features Include:

  This application offers various tools for managing finances, such as expense and income tracking, financial planning and budgeting, progress monitoring towards goals, and numerous other features. Several features are listed below.


Connect your bank accounts and credit cards

  Money Lover's top feature is its connectivity to your bank accounts and credit cards. This feature allows easy downloading of spending and income data, providing accurate tracking of expenses and identifying areas for savings.

  Additionally, you can create multiple accounts, including cash, credit cards, and bank accounts, all displayed at once on the main interface of the app. This feature is highly beneficial for Money Lover's clients, simplifying the process of monitoring the balances of their accounts.


Manage multiple accounts in one app

  You are allowed to manage multiple accounts in one app. With this feature, you can manage the finances of various accounts, including personal accounts, shared family accounts, or business accounts. Owning multiple accounts in a single application is really convenient for those who own multiple accounts from different banks.


A simple and easy to use interface

  Money Lover provides a user-friendly interface to track all your spending. Enter spending information such as amount, date, and category on the app's home page or scan receipts through your phone's camera. The app also automatically categorizes your expenses, giving you an overview of your monthly spending and saving you time.

Financial planning

  A budget is vital for staying on top of your expenses. In our Financial Planning section, we offer tools to assist you in crafting a monthly budget, administering finances for special occasions, incorporating regular transactions and bills, and more.

  It allows you to establish financial objectives and devise a spending strategy to reach them. 


Spending suggestion & report

  Money Lover offers a smart spending suggestion feature that suggests new spending based on your spending history data. This helps you identify potential expenses and decide whether to spend money on them. 

  Additionally, Money Lover provides statistical reports and charts about your financial situation, providing an overview of your expenses and helping you identify areas where you can save money. Statistical charts can be valuable tools for monitoring your progress toward financial goals and making informed decisions.


Debt management

  Debt management is a key feature of Money Lover. With this tool, you can easily monitor outstanding debts, create a repayment plan, and keep your creditors organized. You can generate a list of loans and schedule payments for each one. The progress of your repayments can also be tracked with ease. To stay on top of your finances, the application can generate daily notifications for upcoming payments and bills.

Sync data across multiple devices

 With the sync feature, you can manage and trace your finances across devices, confidentially. This functionality is ideal for those who change phones frequently as their data is easily accessible and perfectly recoverable.

What's included in Money Lover Premium:

- Track multiple wallets. 

- Add credit wallets. 

- Unlimited financial plans and budgets. 

- Create goal/savings wallets. 

- Generate financial plans to pay off debts.

- Export transactions to CSV and Excel formats. 

- Receive support from financial experts. 

- Eliminate ads for an ad-free app experience.

Download the latest version

  Money Lover is a valuable financial management tool that helps you save money, make informed decisions, and manage your finances efficiently. Its user-friendly features have made it one of the most popular finance apps in the market.

  Begin your enjoyable experience by downloading it from your app store or our website.


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