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Beelinguapp v2.977 MOD APK(Premium Unlocked)

Category:Education Apps OS:Android

Size:25MB Latest update:Oct 17, 2023


About Beelinguapp

Have you ever had trouble about English learning? Are you still struggling with an environment without language learning? Do you think learning languages is boring? Beeliguapp is the best choice for you. No matter what age level you belongs to, this application can become your private manager that is suitable for you.



Learning languages with this software is fun and free! Beelinguapp offers audiobooks for learning English. To learn a new language, this app allows you to read and listen to stories in different languages side by side. Read the text for the language you are learning and listen to the audio while reading the same text in your native language as a reference. You can learrn a language quickly by using this application. Meanwhile, you can choose a suitable model that can make you learn the language easily and intriguing.


By story

Choose a language and learn a new language by reading different stories! Better help you learn the language. Reading a story is a good way to deal with learning language without environment, of course you can learn how to use the word in a sentence, even in a passage. Read stories side by side and learn new languages in Beelinguapp! No need for boring memorization and literacy cards.

At Beelinguapp, you can choose to read the story in your native language, referring to the meaning of words or phrases. Maybe we cannot read the passage quickly in other language, and the speed of our reading is slow, so we can combine the native language with our learning language, that is a good way to make ourselves be suitable for the process.

By audiobook

Spanish, German, French and more in 2265 audiobooks in simple listening listening. Learning language needs four aspects, including speaking, listening, reading and writing, so listening is a good way to awake our memory and let our brains in a language learning environment. Follow an audiobook reader and learn the language in a karaoke animation to know exactly what they're saying. Even when your phone is asleep, you can listen to audiobooks in any language for a better experience. It can give you the following advantages,

1. Save time, will not affect vision, read more, more convenient to carry, generally available electronic bookmarks.

2. Save eyes and relieve eye fatigue. It is very convenient for the majority of blind friends.

3. Good audiobooks are generally full of emotions, which adds a lot of fun, and the standard pronunciation in the process of listening also brings gospel to language learners.



Spanish audiobooks combined with English, and French audiobooks combined with German. It’s bilingua learning ways in that you can learn a language as well as another.

Which language audiobook you want to read, the choice is yours! We are the master of this application not others.

Read your favorite fairy tales, novels, and more side by side. Beacause of the variaty of the books, you can choose the novel casually. Even if you want to change the book, you can switch quicky.

Learn the language at your own pace and choose only the stories you want to read. Beelinguapp is not a match application, it’s totally private. So just learn the language in your own pace and learn it following your heart.

Languages, categories and learning levels can be sorted to make language learning easier.

Read your favorite stories in Beelinguapp and learn the language at your own pace!


You can download it by searching for "Beelinguapp" directly in the App Store. Enter the keyword "Beelinguapp" in the search box above the App Store homepage and click the search button. In the search results, find the app and click the download button, after which the download process will begin.


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