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AutoResponder for Messenger

AutoResponder for Messenger V3.4.4 MOD APK(Premium Unlocked)

Category:Communication Apps OS:Android

Size:14MB Latest update:Sep 27, 2023


About AutoResponder for Messenger

When do you need an application automatically replying messages? I guess it may be when you do an online business through Facebook, with so many people interested in the product every day. Even if you may have a manager assisted, it's still hard to manage all the messages. You are very likely to miss one or several important pieces of news throughout the day for certain reasons , leading to bad consequences, no matter how careful you might be. To minimize this to the greatest extent, you may need an auto-reply application which runs smoothly on mobile platforms.

Not only in business, sometimes you can apply the app to personal relationships as well. For example, it is difficult to pick up the phone or reply messages on a busy day, or you are driving on the road and it is not convenient to text. AutoResponder for Messenger is also a great way to maintain relationships. AutoResponder for Messenger always keeps the conversation fun, comfortable and without low pressure while communicating with people.

One of the best Automatic message response apps on mobile devices today is AutoResponder for Messenger. If you have the above needs, you can try it.


What is AutoResponder for Messenger?

AutoResponder for Messenger is an auto-reply application , that is, can automatically reply messages and reduce the pressure of Facebook administration by multi times! Having AutoResponder for Messenger installed on your device will help you automatically reply to Facebook Messenger (Lite) and home page based on your preferences. AutoResponder for Messenger will help you less busy.

AutoResponder for Messenger will automatically send a prepared reply to the person who just texted you. No matter when they send a message, they will receive replies immediately as long as they are online. While everyone knows that it's an automated message and that you haven't read the question yet, they really fancy the feeling of being cared about from the beginning.


Automatic responses with personalized forms

AutoResponder for Messenger is compatible with Facebook Messenger (Lite) and Business Suite and it will help you automatically send messages which are chosen from ready-made templates to the targeted group. For example, messages from strangers are message A, friends group is message B, messages from family group is message C, messages from colleagues are message D...

The messages for each group, at each time and which group messages are targeted at can be customized. You can select one or more types of messages for any group on your Facebook page. With this powerful feature, AutoResponder for Messenger will help you automatically reply specific messages type. You can send the messages to the right person at the right time, without errors and without confusing messages.

Fill in the blanks

The app allows customization, so in the preset message, you can leave blanks and input the fields need filtering and filling out. For example, a text repeats the name of the person who texted you to make the senders feel protected from privacy. Or another message with a time-specific comment but still the same template as before, AutoResponder for Messenger will automatically fill in the blanks on the current date to avoid confusion.

When contacting potential customers, you can use MAutoResponder for Messenger to  know their interests. Make a request that customers are to select the information they would like to know, such as: Is the item still available? How much? Where is the sales address? Is there a promotion?

After the customer choose what they want to know, the application may inform that they have to wait a certain amount of time before receiving interaction with the page manager. This feature is good for customers because it helps them clarify questions about the item, facilitating page administrators to provide more accurate, targeted suggestions.

Set a schedule for replying messages

AutoResponder for Messenger is not only an automatic message response app, but also an automatic scheduler with latency. You can use AutoResponder for Messenger to schedule meetings, consultations, meetings with customers and partners, or to remind you of  get-together with close friends. AutoResponder for Messenger can also serve as a plug-in in conjunction with other features on the device, such as calendar, task tracking, and reminders.

Backup message

During the process,you can set up backup methods so that it can be reused later or be restored though previously deleted if needed.

It is said that the app developers have more plans in the future. AutoResponder for Messenger is to be more related to the task management and users' social networking sites or sales page management.

Download AutoResponder for Messenger APK and MOD for Android

Download AutoResponder for Messenger and you'll get a useful robot that can 100% interact with customers and other people. That robot automatically responds to messages, allowing for customization, and has huge potential for future growth.


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