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Walli V2.12.55 MOD APK(Premium Unlocked)

Category:Art & Design Apps OS:Android

Size:28.0MB Latest update:Oct 08, 2023


About Walli

Walli is an application with a collection of artistic wallpapers designed for Android phones. You will find a lot of high-quality wallpapers here to unleash your creativity.


What is Walli?

In short, Walli is an app dedicated to a large collection of artistic wallpapers which you can view and use instantly on your phone. Walli has been used by more than 3 million people from all over the world so far. Not only is this a place to collect wallpapers, but each picture is also a work of art, displaying your creativity on your phone screen.


High-quality artistic wallpapers for mobile phones

All of Walli's creative wallpapers are carefully selected from images by top professional artists. Each graphic is creative. When they are available on mobile phones, they will be more attractive for users no matter in the look and feeling.

Now the app has over 1500 wallpapers, all of which are high-quality and original HD images from more than 80 professional artists around the world.

Beautiful wallpapers of different styles from young artists are added to the app every day. You'll choose your favorite wallpaper and instantly apply it to your phone.

Plus, don’t worry about which phone you’re using and whether the wallpapers in the app are compatible with the phone’s size. That is because each wallpaper can be adjusted automatically to cater to various sizes of phones and tablets. You don't need to do anything but to just select the wallpaper and press Apply button.

Intuitive and vivid interface 

The Walli interface makes every endeavour to help users quickly view, feel the beauty, and choose their favorite wallpapers. In this way Walli's minimalist user interface performs very well.

You can easily look through all categories available on Walli interface. There are typical wallpapers (by date), the popular wallpapers(the wallpapers most frequently selected by users), and the featured ones(selected by the application's editors).

If you are looking for themed wallpapers, this is also easy to do. Walli wallpapers are divided into some categories: there are street art wallpapers, text or quotation wallpapers, black wallpapers, cartoon wallpapers, horror wallpapers, animals, plants and trees wallpapers included, apart from wallpapers about love, space, video games, 3D scenes, vehicles, abstract and interesting shapes.

Meet talented artists

Walli is working with 80 talented professional artists from many countries in the world and is selecting artistic pieces of work from them and then turns these pieces of work into wallpapers for any smartphone. The selected wallpaper is only available in Walli, which means you cannot find the same wallpaper from other wallpaper apps.

Every artist who cooperates with Walli has his or her own style. You can always find an artistic wallpaper that suits you in the app. Wallpapers of all styles are available from quiet, surreal styles to cute and fun styles.

So, Walli is also a great place to find your favorite artists. If they also work in a  field requiring creativity, they will be a constant source of inspiration and may spark your creativity for your work.

Download Walli APK and MOD for Android Now

Unlike many other wallpaper apps you see on your phone, Walli offers a unique and great collection of wallpapers in its own way. When you're looking for some unique artistic wallpapers, Walli must be your top priority. If you download the app, trust me ! Walli will never let you down. Are you ready to try this new app dedicated to offering the users a variety of wallpapers? Let’s download the app to continue your journey to find beautiful and artistic wallpapers right away. 


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