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Vidma V1.58.0 MOD APK (VIP Unlocked)

Category:Video Players & Editors Apps OS:Android 9.0+

Size:98.4 MB Latest update:Oct 17, 2023


About Vidma

  What if you could take your videos to the next level and turn them into masterpieces without ever touching a computer or spending hours in front of a screen? 

  Meet Vidma, the revolutionary video editing app that will transform the way you create and share your content. 

What is the Vidma app?

  Vidma is a professional video editing application that offers a comprehensive suite of tools and features to help you create high-quality videos. 

  Whether you're a seasoned professional or a passionate beginner, Vidma's powerful tools and intuitive interface will take your videos to the next level. With thousands of add-ons available, Vidma offers a virtually endless variety of options for editing and enhancing your videos.

Main Features Include:

Create unique and engaging timelapse videos

  Vidma is an AI platform that enables users to create captivating timelapse videos effortlessly. The videos are produced by capturing a sequence of images over an extended period and then compiling them into a video that displays a rapid transformation - for instance, aerial night views of city skylines, landscapes at sunrise or sunset, or construction progress of architectural structures. 

  Vidma enables users to select photos and adjust their display speed, resulting in a stunning, high-quality video.

Create the ultimate 4K quality video

  The platform provides superior video output, enabling users to produce high-resolution videos that enhance the sharpness and realism of images. Moreover, Vidma's capability to output video in 4K resolution enhances picture quality with precise details and vibrant colors, enabling users to relish high-quality, edge-to-edge 4K videos without any concern for loss of detail or sharpness. Examples of 4K videos may comprise of close-up product shots, live coverage of professional sporting events, as well as cinematic movies.

Edit each photo in the video

  To create a high-quality TikTok video, users need to use high-quality pictures when compiling the video. Vidma provides users with tools for editing the photos before adding them to the video, including brightness adjustments, adding effects, and incorporating stickers to enhance the quality and enjoyment of the photos. 

  Vidma also gives users the ability to adjust exposure, add text overlays, and apply creative filters to their photos.

Create stop-frame videos

  Stop-frame videos are made by choosing a specific frame in a video and pausing it, resulting in amusing and surprising content. This allows users to accentuate a distinct moment, generate a striking image, or even craft a stunning animation. 

  For example, TikTokers frequently employ this function to produce captivating content like dancing with their pets, crafting stop-motion animations, or utilizing objects in inventive ways.


Audio editing tools available

  Vidma offers expert audio editing features to ensure optimal sound quality in user videos. Using an equalizer, users can adjust sound levels for various elements including background sounds, voices, and music effects. This creates a harmonious balance, elevating the overall professional sound quality of the video.

Add unique sounds to videos

  Vidma not only offers tools for creating and editing videos, but also allows users to include exclusive sounds to their creations. Applying effects such as reverb, chorus, delay, or phaser scaling can produce a unique and stimulating sound. By adding sound effects in their projects, users can create impressive audio experiences and add more appeal to their videos.


Easily share videos through social networks

  Vidma offers a range of tools for sharing and storing videos on a device. Once users have perfected their creations, they can effortlessly share them on popular social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. This allows users to communicate their message and passions with a broad audience.

  Additionally, users can choose to store the videos directly on their device for future viewings or share them with friends and family via email or file transfer app.

Download the Latest Version

The latest Version Updates

  The latest update for v1.58.0 is focused on enhancing the performance and stability of the app, as well as adding some new features and bug fixes. 

Reasons to Download

  Overall, Vidma is an excellent video editing application that offers a wide range of features and tools to help you create high-quality videos. 

  Vidma can be downloaded directly from our website or the official Vidma Video Studio website. 

  Are you ready for an amazing journey with Vidma? Let's get started!


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