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Talkatone V7.4.0 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Category:Communication Apps OS:Android 4.4+

Size:37.2 MB Latest update:Oct 18, 2023


About Talkatone

  Have you ever been in a situation where you wanted to call a friend or family member, but didn't want to spend a lot of money on their international call? Talkatone app is here to change that! 

What is the Talkatone app?

  Talkatone, a reliable communication solution, offers a cost-effective alternative to expensive phone calls and text messages. With its user-friendly interface and various convenient features, the app has been downloaded by millions worldwide. The latest version of Talkatone 7.4.0 now brings even more features and enhancements to improve user experience.

  Its main purpose is to provide users with a free or low-cost way to communicate worldwide. The app supports voice calls, video calls, text messages, and file transfers, making it a comprehensive communication tool for individuals and groups. Talkatone is available on Android devices, making it easy to stay connected with friends and family no matter where they are.


Main Features Include:

Voice and Video Calls

  Talkatone allows users to make free voice and video calls to other Talkatone users or phone numbers worldwide, using Wi-Fi or mobile data connections.

Instant Messaging

  The app supports instant messaging for free between Talkatone users, including text messages, images, stickers, and audio files.

Low-Cost Calling

  Talkatone offers low-cost calling rates to phone numbers in various countries, providing a cost-effective alternative to traditional phone calls.

File Transfer

  Easy file sharing between Talkatone users or to non-Talkatone users by directly sending files through the app.

Convenient Features

  The app includes a lock screen feature for added privacy, missed call and message notifications, and the ability to block numbers or messages.

Multilingual Support

  Talkatone supports multiple languages, making it easy for users to use the app in their preferred language.


User Experience:

  Talkatone provides an enjoyable user experience with its simple and intuitive interface design, easy-to-use features, and ability to connect with friends and family from anywhere in the world. The app has received positive feedback from users for its reliability, ease of use, and security features.

Competitive Advantages:

  Talkatone stands out from other communication apps due to its unique features and advantages:

1. Compatibility: The app is compatible with multiple Android devices, making it easy for users to connect with their friends and family on any device.

2. User-Friendly Interface: Talkatone has a simple and intuitive interface that is easy to use, even for those who are new to online communication.

3. Secure Communication: The app uses end-to-end encryption to ensure that all communication is secure and private.

4. Low Cost: Talkatone provides free or low-cost communication options for users, making it a cost-effective solution compared to other communication apps or traditional phone services.

5. Flexibility: The app can be used for both personal and commercial purposes, offering a wide range of communication solutions.

Download the Latest Version

The latest Version Updates

  The updated version includes minor corrections and enhancements.

Download and Usage


  To download Talkatone, simply search for it on your app store or our website. If you already have the app installed, make sure you're using the latest version by checking the app store for updates.


  Once you've downloaded and installed Talkatone, open the app and follow these steps to get started:

1. Sign up or sign in with your phone number (if you haven't already).

2. Set up your account by verifying your phone number.

3. Create a profile and add your contacts.

4. Start calling and messaging your friends and family using the app.

Reasons to Download

  Talkatone is a popular free communication app that offers a wide range of capabilities. It is well-known and widely used among users seeking reliable calling and messaging services. Thanks to its diverse features, Talkatone stands out as one of the top communication apps available today.

  We hope you enjoy using Talkatone and that it becomes a convenient and fun way to stay connected with your friends and family. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions.


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