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SketchAR v7.01.2 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Category:Art & Design Apps OS:Android 8.1+

Size:108.9 MB Latest update:Oct 20, 2023


About SketchAR

  What if you could use your smartphone or tablet to create 3D models and artwork right in front of you, without needing any prior experience or specialized equipment? 

  SketchAR app uses cutting-edge AR technology combined with AI and gamification to revolutionize the way we create art and design. 

  So, what kind of imaginative ideas can you create using SketchAR? Let's explore it together!

What is the SketchAR app?

  SketchAR is an AR-based app developed by Sketchar Inc., that allows users to create sketches in a virtual environment using their mobile devices. The app provides a blank canvas where users can freely draw and paint, using their fingers or a stylus. The sketches created are then superimposed on top of the real-world environment, offering a playful and engaging experience.

  With this app, users can unleash their artistic creativity and bring their sketches to life in a playful and engaging manner. 


Main Features Include:

AR Sketching

  The app utilizes Augmented Reality technology to allow users to view their digital sketches in the actual world. This enables a unique and refreshing art-making experience. For example, users can draw a virtual landscape and have it appear in real life, allowing them to view their drawing from all angles and see how it blends with the surrounding environment.

  In addition, it also allows users to create animations by using the AR feature. For example, a user can draw a character and add motion to it by using the animation feature. This allows users to bring their sketches to life and create dynamic and interactive art.

AI Image Editing

  SketchAR incorporates AI image-editing capabilities that allow users to enhance their sketches with various effects, filters, and textures. 

  What's more, it help users enhance their drawings by automatically adjusting certain elements like brightness and contrast. For example, if a user draws a portrait and the AI-editing feature detects that the subject's eyes are too dark, it can automatically adjust the brightness and contrast to make the eyes stand out more.


  It allows users to compete with their friends or other artists around the world for high scores based on their sketching skills and creativity. 

  It can also make the sketching process more fun and engaging for users, encouraging them to try new things and push their creativity. For example, users might be prompted to draw a specific type of scene or object in order to earn a badge or achievement.

User Experience:

  SketchAR's user experience is intuitive and straightforward, ensuring that both beginners and experienced artists can easily navigate the app's various features. The app's clean and minimalist interface makes it easy for users to access the various tools and features, while the gamification elements provide constant feedback and incentive mechanism to keep users engaged.

Competitive Advantages:

Innovative Technology

 The app's combination of AR and AI technologies provides a unique and immersive sketching experience that is unparalleled in the market.

Playful and Engaging

  The app’s gamification elements make sketching more fun and engaging, attracting users of all ages and skill levels.

Social Element

  The app allows users to share their creations with friends and other artists around the world, fostering a sense of community and encouraging users to hone their skills and compete for high scores.

Download the Latest Version

The latest Version Updates

  The latest version of SketchAR, 7.01.2-play, includes a host of improvements and bug fixes that enhance the user experience and provide better performance. Some of the key updates include:

● Improved AR Experience

  It offers improved AR stability and accuracy, ensuring that your sketches align perfectly with real-world objects for a more immersive experience.

● New Brushes and Tools

  It introduces new brushes and tools that offer more variety and creativity for users to explore. You can now use various brush sizes, textures, and colors to create unique sketches.

● Improved Performance

  It offers improved performance overall, with faster loading times and reduced crashes for a smoother sketching experience.

Download and Usage

  You can download SketchAR from our website or your app store. After downloading and installing the app, you can easily create sketches using the various tools provided. The app is free to download, but unlocking all features requires a subscription fee or in-app purchases.


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