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Alpha Backup Pro

Alpha Backup Pro v34.0.9 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Category:Personalization Apps OS:Android 5.0

Size:8 MB Latest update:Oct 30, 2023


About Alpha Backup Pro

Are you tired of losing important data on your Android device? Do you wish there was an easy and reliable way to back up and restore your precious files and apps? Look no further than Alpha Backup Pro! This incredible app is designed to simplify the process of managing, backing up, and restoring data on your Android device. With Alpha Backup Pro, you can say goodbye to the fear of losing your valuable data and embrace a stress-free approach to data management.


Alpha Backup Pro: Your Ultimate Data Management and Backup Solution

Manage and Back Up Android Device Data Hassle-free!


Act as a Comprehensive Manager Tool

Experience the power of Alpha Backup Pro, the ultimate data backup app for Android devices. But it's more than just a backup tool; it serves as a comprehensive management tool for all your data and applications on your mobile device. With Alpha Backup Pro, you can effortlessly organize and store everything you have on your computer in an orderly manner.

Convert apps to system apps and vice versa with ease, reset individual app settings, and eliminate junk accumulated from app usage. You can even free or unfreeze apps on your device. Alpha Backup Pro streamlines the organization of your ever-growing collection of applications and ensures a clutter-free experience, provided that you have configured the initial settings properly.


Efficiently Manage App and System Junk

Worried about cluttered caches and sluggish system performance? Alpha Backup Pro has got you covered with its built-in Cache Cleaner feature. It helps you clean up both app and system junk, resulting in a faster, smoother, and more efficient device performance.


Backup, Restore, and Share Data Effortlessly

While app management is impressive, the key highlight of Alpha Backup Pro lies in its robust data backup and restoration capabilities.

Alpha Backup Pro excels at backing up a wide range of mobile data, including system apps, user apps, external app data, system settings, contacts, call logs, messages, pictures, files, videos, and much more. Accidentally deleted an app? No worries! Alpha Backup Pro enables you to restore your lost data seamlessly.

Moreover, this versatile app empowers you to back up your data securely. The Advanced Auto Backup feature allows you to automatically back up applications, settings, and data in various formats such as files, images, audio, video, and more.

If automatic backups aren't your preference, you can customize the backup process to your liking. Select specific items to back up, including internal storage, removable SD card, external USB, and more. All the information and data you back up, whether automatically or selectively, can be conveniently stored in your preferred cloud storage service, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, or even a portable hard drive.

Alpha Backup Pro also facilitates seamless data transfer across multiple Android devices. No matter which device you access your backup from, you can rest assured that your data remains intact.

Furthermore, Alpha Backup Pro enables you to share your backed-up apps and data with others via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi Direct, NFC, IR, and other sharing methods.


Unparalleled Security and Privacy

When it comes to security and privacy, Alpha Backup Pro takes it seriously. The app incorporates an advanced 256-bit AES encryption system, ensuring top-notch protection for your backed-up data. Rest assured that your sensitive information is constantly protected, granting you peace of mind.



Download Alpha Backup Pro APK Free for Android

With its user-friendly interface, material design style, powerful backup features, additional capabilities, and customizable options, Alpha Backup Pro is a must-have app. Gain peace of mind as your data and apps are always backed up, ready to be restored and used without fear of loss or interruption. Don't wait any longer—download Alpha Backup Pro now and take control of your data management and backup needs!


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