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Infinite Painter

Infinite Painter v7.0.47.1 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Category:Art & Design Apps OS:Android 9.0+

Size:129.6 MB Latest update:Nov 07, 2023


About Infinite Painter



 Whatever you love to do or want to learn, you can find helpful information and the support you need to pursue your dreams in this age of technology and readily available devices.

 What if that passion is painting? You might want to consider hiring Infinite Painter, a fantastic assistant.

What is the Infinite Painter app?

 For artists and painting enthusiasts, Infinite Painter is an app for sketching, drawing and designing. It provides users with a wide range of tools and features to create masterpieces from the comfort of their own homes. The app's diverse tools allow you to work with a variety of brushes, pencils, markers, and airbrushes to achieve the perfect finish.

 It is one of the best drawing, sketching, and design apps available for Chromebooks, tablets, and phones. Millions of people are currently using this award-winning app. 

Main Features Include:

Realistic Brushes

 The app's realistic brushes are designed to closely resemble traditional painting tools, giving you the sensation of working with actual paint and brushes. This means you can create paintings that look and feel like they were made with real paint, without having to use physical brushes or canvases.

Advanced Color Palettes

 Infinite Painter includes a range of advanced color palettes that allow you to create a variety of vibrant and realistic hues. You can adjust the hue, saturation, and brightness of each color, and also blend colors together to create more subtle shades.

Layering Capabilities

 The app's layering feature lets you superimpose multiple images or patterns to create complex designs or add depth to your paintings. This means you can build up your artwork gradually, starting with basic shapes and gradually adding more detail and complexity as you go.

Symbol Library

 Infinite Painter comes with a comprehensive library of symbols, patterns, and stickers that you can use to add details and embellishments to your creations. This library includes everything from simple geometric shapes to intricate patterns and even full-fledged 3D objects, making it easy to create unique and eye-catching designs.

Export and Share

 You can easily export your creations in high-resolution format and share them on social media platforms or via email. This means you can show off your artwork to the world, or even sell it to other artists or designers who may be interested in using it for their own projects.

User Experience:

 Users have raved about the user experience provided by Infinite Painter

"Even though I'm not an artist by profession, I can produce stunning paintings that I'm proud of because to Infinite Painter's easy tools and advice." - Jane Smith, a paint enthusiast

"With the help of the sophisticated color palettes and realistic brushes, I can easily express my creativity and create outcomes that seem professional." - Michael Johnson, Self-employed Artist

"I love that the software gives me no restrictions on how I may experiment and learn new techniques." - Emily Davis, student of art.

Competitive Advantages:

➔ Robust Toolset

 Infinite Painter offers one of the most comprehensive toolsets in the industry, giving you endless possibilities for creating unique and original works of art.

➔ Community

 The app's thriving community of artists and painting enthusiasts provides a platform for sharing ideas, tutorials, and feedback. You can connect with other creators, learn new techniques, and participate in challenges and contests.

➔ Regular Updates

 Infinite Studio LLC is committed to continuous innovation and regularly updates the app with new features, tools, and content to keep users engaged and excited about creating.

Download the Latest Version

The latest Version Updates

❖ New Brush Engine: The updated brush engine delivers improved performance and responsiveness, giving you a more natural and immersive painting experience.

❖ Additional Tools: The latest version adds new tools such as airbrushes, spray paint cans, and pattern stamps to expand your creative options and experiment with different techniques.

Download and Usage

 Visit Infinite Painter if you want to paint or create visual art. You will undoubtedly find everything you need in the most comprehensive, practical and fast way possible.


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