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Guzheng Master

Guzheng Master v5.9 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Category:Education Apps OS:Android 5.1+

Size:109.3 MB Latest update:Nov 08, 2023


About Guzheng Master


 If your circumstances prevent you from learning guzheng from teachers outside of institutions, you may want to consider studying on your own at home. Of course, there aren't many options for online self-study Guzheng apps on mobile devices, especially when compared to the popularity of guitar, piano, and ukelele. 

 Nevertheless, users already have access to a fairly comprehensive and practical choice. Guzheng Master is that.

What is the Guzheng Master app?

 Guzheng Master is a must-have tool for anyone interested in learning to play the Chinese guzheng, an ancient stringed instrument. It is an educational app designed to teach users how to play the Chinese guzheng, a traditional stringed instrument. The app provides detailed guidance on guzheng technique, music theory, and offers practice exercises to help learners improve their skills. It combines interactive tutorials, video demonstrations, and performance tracking to make learning fun and engaging.

Main Features Include:

Thorough Lesson Content

 Guzheng Master's thorough lesson content teaches you how to play the 21-string full-string zither, the most widely used classical instrument and a favorite of musicians since time immemorial.

 The app provides basic to intermediate theoretical lessons. To make it easier for players to understand and complete these lessons in the shortest amount of time, they are divided into distinct topics. Playing techniques for the left hand from the right hand: Pick, Gliss, Tremolo, Overtone Pitch, Slide, Small Vibrate, Big Vibrate, Touch Pitch, and other techniques. Then, how to combine these methods to create the desired amount of reverb for any song, from slow to fast.

 Guzheng Master also offers a variety of genre-specific music courses that allow you to practice on your own time each day. Each exercise can be selected and the practice speed can be changed to better suit your needs based on your skill level and preferred style.

 Guzheng Master offers easy training as well as a variety of musical activities. You can easily learn and perfect reflexes and habits from basic to expert information by playing these games.

Comprehensive Learning Resources

 After working through a few of the app's basic exercises, you can start exploring the collection of over 650,000 tunes culled from Guzheng Master's music books. There are demos for each song, along with sheet music and comprehensive instructions that will guide you through different melodies, rhythms, and styles.

 You can mix recordings to hear your performance as you play, whether you're using songs from the app or practice sessions. Then adjust your learning strategy on your own to progress faster.

 Guzheng Master allows users to imitate zither movements directly on their smartphones by supporting multi-touch and swipe gestures. When you turn on this Guzheng Master feature, your phone instantly turns into a professional classical guitar so you can practice your picking in any environment.

User Experience:

❏ Personalized Learning

 The app's personalized lesson feature tailors learning to each user's needs and interests, ensuring a customized learning experience.

❏ Interactive Features

 Guzheng Master's interactive features engage users in active learning, making the process more enjoyable and effective.

❏ Community Connectivity

 Guzheng Master's built-in community allows users to connect with other learners, share performances, and participate in discussions for a more interactive learning experience.

Advantages Over Similar Apps:

➔ Performance Tracking

 Guzheng Master tracks users' performance through interactive exercises and assessments. It provides feedback on technique, speed, accuracy, and other performance metrics to help users identify areas that need improvement.

➔ Multimedia Support

 The app includes a range of multimedia content such as music scores, video demonstrations, and audio recordings of expert performances. This content provides additional learning material and inspiration for users.

Download the Latest Version

 Guzheng Master is a comprehensive and feature-rich Guzheng learning app. Enjoy learning while having fun. You'll also get the perfect song selection to practice with and an effective Guzheng simulator that turns your phone into a portable, always-with-you Guzheng.


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