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Easy Pose

Easy Pose v1.5.66 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Category:Art & Design Apps OS:Android 4.4+

Size:176.7 MB Latest update:Nov 13, 2023


About Easy Pose


 What would you do if you could capture and remember every single pose you ever took? Imagine being able to easily review your favorite moments and effortlessly recreate them at any time. Well, with the latest version of the Easy Pose app, your dream of perfecting your body and your style has finally become a reality.

What is the Easy Pose app?

 Easy Pose is the must-have app for all drawing enthusiasts. It enables users to freely experiment, design, and quickly adjust a variety of poses, bringing characters to life. Operating on a 3D platform, it permits users to generate varied postures for human locomotion. 

Main Features Include:

Range of Poses

 Easy Pose comes with a wide range of pre-set poses that cover a variety of actions and emotions. These poses are designed to provide inspiration and serve as a starting point for users' creations. With a wide variety of poses available, users can easily find the perfect pose for their drawing and get started without spending too much time figuring out how to pose their characters.

Posing Tools

 Easy Pose provides a comprehensive set of posing tools that allow users to adjust the position and angle of the human body model. These tools include sliders, handles, and other controls that can be easily manipulated to achieve the desired pose. 

 With these tools, users can customize their poses to fit their specific needs and preferences, making it easier for them to create accurate and visually appealing drawings.


Layer Functionality

 The app features a layer functionality that allows users to add multiple layers to their drawings. This functionality makes it possible to stack different poses, backgrounds, and accessories, providing more flexibility and creativity in designing manga characters. 

 By using multiple layers, users can easily move and manipulate each layer independently, allowing them to make changes without affecting the other layers.

Typical Comic Style Model

 The majority of the models have more realistic head proportions than the earlier posing applications, which is beneficial for realistic painting. However, it is scarcely appropriate for drawing comics, where it is usually urged to sublimate the spirit of stylization, exaggeration, melodiousness, and numerous variants.

 Ease Pose distinguishes itself from the competition by providing an extensive array of customization options and an enormous assortment of body types for you to connect with the head of your character. Users may also try out a variety of forms using this collection to discover which one best fits their character.

User Experience:

 Easy Pose has been well-received by users, who appreciate its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features. Users report that the app has helped them improve their drawing skills and learn how to create more authentic-looking manga poses. 


Competitive Advantages:

➔ Guided Learning

 Easy Pose includes step-by-step guides that teach users how to draw and design manga characters effectively. By following these guides, novice artists can learn the basics of manga character design and improve their skills quickly.

➔ Community Support

 The app encourages users to connect with others through community sharing, providing a platform for them to showcase their creations and receive feedback from other members of the community. It not only helps users gain feedback on their work but also provides them with the opportunity to connect with other manga artists and get inspired by their work.

Download the Latest Version

The latest Version Updates

❖ New Poses: The latest version includes a range of new poses that offer more options for users to choose from when posing their characters. These new poses cover different actions, angles, and expressions to provide more inspiration for drawing and designing manga characters.

❖ Interface Tweaks: Some minor interface tweaks have been made to enhance usability and make it even easier for users to navigate through the app's features and functions. These changes include updated icons, button styles, and layout adjustments that improve the overall user experience.

Download and Usage

 Not everyone possesses the expertise to construct 3D models suitable for professional purposes. That's precisely why Easy Pose exists. By utilizing Easy Pose, you can produce a multitude of distinct stances with great precision, and subsequently analyze them from different viewpoints.

 Enjoy it after downloading it from our website right now!


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