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Cross DJ Pro

Cross DJ Pro v3.6.8 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Category:Music & Audio Apps OS:Android 5.0+

Size:56.1 MB Latest update:Nov 14, 2023


About Cross DJ Pro



 Are you sick of arranging unsightly mixing tables and tangled wires? With Mixvibes' Cross DJ Pro app, say welcome to the DJing of the future! 

What is the Cross DJ Pro app?

 Cross DJ Pro is the ultimate music app for DJs on mobile phones and tablets. It is a professional DJing app that allows users to mix and perform live with music from their device's library, records, or streaming services. The app provides an intuitive and comprehensive DJing experience on mobile devices, giving DJs the freedom to create their own unique mixes anytime and anywhere.

Main Features Include:

Large Collection of Audio Samples

 One of Cross DJ Pro's main features is the sound sampler. This is a compilation of several sound effects that are frequently employed by experienced DJs. You may employ more distinctive and unusual sound effects rather than simply the preset noises. Many audio effects, including frequency resolution, audio filters, compression, delay, coordination, and many more, are included in the audio sampler. You may use these effects to produce a distinctive sound that works well for any kind of song.

 The sound sampler in Cross DJ Pro may be used to make original music. In addition, the program lets you alter the sound effects to suit your preferences, with the goal of producing the highest caliber and most distinctive musical compositions.

 Furthermore, Cross DJ Pro's sound sampler offers a plethora of other special effects, including Bitcrusher, resolver, mix, 1dB filter, Wah wah, and Flanger, in addition to supporting standard sound effects. With the aid of these effects, you may compose music for a variety of musical genres and tastes.


Visual Mixer

 The visual mixer is a clear overview of the tracks being mixed. It includes waveforms that display the audio signal and beatmatching controls that help users to align the beat of each track. The visual mixer also provides access to various effects and filters, allowing users to enhance the sound of their mix.

DJ-friendly Interface

 The UI of Cross DJ Pro is designed to be intuitive and straightforward to use, allowing you to easily concentrate on creating music. Key components of the application's primary interface are the DJ, Gallery, Sample Set, Loop, and Effects. 

 You may see and adjust music playing parameters, such as BPM, volume, MUTE, SOLO, and PREVIEW, using the Cross DJ Pro interface. The Library interface is simple to use, with lines of text showing Song Title, Artist, Duration, BPM, Favorites, and Cover Image.

User Experience:

 Users have given Cross DJ Pro positive ratings because to its performance, ease of use, and usefulness. The app's user-friendly design and capacity to produce professional-caliber mixes while on the road have garnered acclaim from users. Users have also responded favorably to the addition of streaming services, considering it a practical means of accessing a large selection of songs without carrying around real music files.

Competitive Advantages:

➔ Social Connections

 Cross DJ Pro can help you make high-quality postings on prominent social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and SoundCloud since it can link to these networks. Inform your friends about your musical creation and production skills.

➔ Flexible Deck Control

 Cross DJ Pro allows users to control multiple decks independently, providing more flexibility in creating unique mixes.

➔ Streaming Service Integration

 The app supports streaming services, giving DJs access to a wide range of tracks without having to carry physical copies of music.

➔ Portability

 With Cross DJ Pro, DJs can perform live mixes on mobile phones or tablets, providing greater portability and ease of use compared to traditional DJ equipment.


Download the Latest Version

 With its extensive feature set, Cross DJ Pro is a state-of-the-art professional DJ program that helps you create the ideal mix. 

 Get it straight from our website to experience its unmatched power! Prepare yourself to perform like a pro and expand your song library!


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