Adobe Character Animator CC 2018

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Adobe Character Animator CC 2018


Adobe CC 2018 Character Animator Mac OS X

Creates art that imitates real life
creates 2D characters and bring them to life. Character Animator CC copy your facial movements so that your characters act and react realistically.

Animations that will leave you open a€“ mouthed
Create 2D animations for live broadcasts, student projects, cartoons or just to surprise your friends on social networks.

Begins with a character
Create your character from scratch in Illustrator or Photoshop, or part of one of the puppets and available on Character Animator.

Animations with legs, arms and head
It does not take much effort to make your character move. Controls gestures such as greeting, with a keyboard or MIDI device. The movements can be saved as buttons, sliders or knobs to make them easier to remember. And you can smooth the transitions between facial expressions to look like animation has been done by hand.

Put your best pose
Character Animator analyze your facial expressions in real time, from moving eyebrows lips, and record your actions and your voice with the webcam and microphone. So when you put a look of surprise, joy or anger, so does your character.

Let the show begin
Throw your character to the world. Broadcast live on Facebook or on television. Entertain your friends on social networks. Or take it to After Effects or Premiere Pro CC CC for inclusion in larger projects, such as cartoons or movies.
See how we helped the clumsy Mr. Bean to interact in real time with their most devoted followers on Facebook.

What a€?s New:
New panel activators
access all triggers in one place and move your characters easily and intuitively.
New Panel
Organizes activators as buttons and regulators do not have to remember the key commands to activate a movement.
Animation Enhancements eye and eyebrow
Now the characters are more expressive movements thanks to improved eyebrows that make it seem worried, angry, surprised and more. The new look adjustment feature gives you more control over the movement of the pupils.
Animation postures and gestures
There is a new feature that smooths the transitions between the facial expressions of your character to get a look handmade drawing. In addition, you can control the amount of smoothing you want.

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