Adobe Dimension CC 2018 1.1.0 Mac OS X

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Adobe Dimension CC 2018 1.1.0 Mac OS X


Adobe Dimension CC 2018 v1.1.0 Mac OS X

Introducing Adobe Dimension.
3D design simple fact.
Adobe Dimension CC (formerly Project Felix) enables graphic designers to create realistic 3D images and high quality. 2D and 3D assets to create shots composite products, displays scenes and abstract art.

You think in 3D. Now designs on it.
Inexperienced 3D? No problem. With Dimension, there is no steep learning curve even a complex workflow.

New perspectives in product shots.
Visualize product photos, packaging designs and brand advertising material in real a€“ world environments. Drag and drop a logo or vector graphic into a 3D model to see how it will look your design concept in real life. With the tools of the camera to move around the object, you can see how your graphics appear from all perspectives.

Get a chance. Omit the launch.
Drag and drop background images Adobe Photoshop CC and 3D models Adobe Stock, without leaving Dimension. Select the material, texture and background. Dimension automatically matches the lighting, perspective, shadows and more for perfect picture. Export your scenes as layers to take their work further in Photoshop.

Add dimensions to your art.
Create unique editorial to accompany digital images, design a storyboard or create your own original artwork with 3D photorealistic effects. Dimension opens the world of 3D design all kinds of digital artists.

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