Amadine 1.0.3

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Amadine 1.0.3


Amadine is a vector drawing software with perfectly balanced UI that guarantees smooth workflow and quick learning. The app is perfect for illustrations, designing websites, user interface, laying out flyers and brochures, creating logos and icons.

Developed with precision and attention to what users need, Amadine offers everything you may require to bring the craziest illustration ideas to life.


  • Use more that 30 tools for selecting, drawing, editing, slicing and typing.
  • Select and modify objects: Move, Selection, Lasso, Eyedropper, Scissors, Eraser, Zoom.
  • Draw and edit paths: Pen, Convert, Draw (combines Pencil and Brush), Width, Gradient, Rectangle, Rounded Rectangle, Ellipse, Polygon, Star, Line, Arc.
  • Transform shapes: Free Transform, Symmetrical Distortion, Free Distortion.
  • Organize artboards: Sheets.
  • Type and edit text: Text (combines text in place and text in box), Text on Path, Text in Shape.

What’s New:

Version 1.0.3:

a€¢ When opening a document, the program now restores its latest zoom and canvas position
a€¢ EPS files can be imported as editable vector images
a€¢ The Effects Quality setting in the Document Settings can be used to adjust on-screen drawing quality for better performance
a€¢ The Sheets panel now displays sheet numbers along with their names
a€¢ Exporting of multi-sheet documents has been improved
a€¢ The arrowhead sizes can be adjusted in a wider range
a€¢ Invisible shapes and layers are no longer included into PDF export


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