App Uninstall Pro 2.0.4

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App Uninstall Pro 2.0.4


App Uninstall Pro 2.0.4 + In-App | Mac OS X
Delete the application and service files for complete uninstallation
Installing an application distributes many files on your Mac. The application uninstaller provides a direct way to remove applications and their associated files, including application caches, log files applications, application preferences and reporting failures.

Key Features:
a€¢ Manage all applications installed on your Mac easily
a€¢ See all the details of installed applications on your Mac in a clear and easily
a€¢ Lists all applications installed on your Mac by name, size and last date of opening
a€¢ Eliminate easy and completely applications on your Mac
a€¢ Remove all associated files of uninstalled applications

FileSize: 5MB

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